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Just the Fat, Ma'am Recap

At a railway station, a model is participating in a fashion shoot for Popular Magazine. She collapses and the photographer asks someone to get the model cocaine.

The van heads into the city and Pritkin explains that the model is Lola Falanna. Lola was going to become America's top model until she was corseted to death at a fashion shoot. She's the fifth supermodel to be killed in the last two months, and Perry has declared a national emergency. AJ notes that his third mother was a supermodel, and the FBI is stumped. The team is going to conduct an undercover operation at the magazine's HQ in Tulsa, the fashion capital of the U.S. Charo says that she knows everything there is to know about fashion modeling.

After preparing, Angie arrives at the HQ wearing a garbage bag and says that she's there to interview with Anna Summour as her second assistant. Tanner is there and greets Angie, and says that he's looking to embezzlement. Anna arrives and the staff panics, setting everything up to Anna's satisfaction. Angie is eating a stromboli, and Anna demands to know why she's in her office. When Angie explains that she's there to interview as Anna's second assistant, Anna asks if she's even read Popular Magazine and Angie fakes it. Badly. Despite that she passes and Anna agrees to give her a shot. once they get her a better dress.

In the van, the team examine Lola's body and Monica reports that the DNA they found belongs to a man in Peru. Lola has never been in Peru. Charo says that the model isn't 22 as reported, because she has a yoyo tan ring on her finger and the yoyo craze was in the 1980s. AZ wants to fly down to Peru to talk to the man, but Monica has a kicker report that the man has been dead for two years.

Anna reviews models and finds one of them satisfactory. Angie comes in wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and Anna tells her to get the new Harry Potter book that J.K. Rowling was thinking of writing. After Angie agrees, she asks about the dead model but Anna isn't interested in talking about them and tells Angie to step up her look. When Angie says that it's just clothes, Anna breathes fire on her.

AJ tells Pritkin that Angie is working late, and finds the bodies of the other dead models in the head. Monica explains that she was doing test and Charo was supposed to put them back in their graces. She explains that they found Peruvian male DNA on all of the bodies, and none of them were in the U.S. Angie arrives and AJ asks her when she's going to take time to work on the case. Angie insists that she's working the case and has to run an errand, and tells the team that Anna got squirrelly when she asked her about the models. AJ tries to explain that they're going to Peru, but Angie leaves on another errand.

Later, Angie arrives at Anna's office and drops off the Harry Potter manuscript. Anna says that the magazine is going under, and Angie asks if Anna dreamed of ever doing anything else. The woman says that all she ever dreamed of was being beautiful, fashionable, and a fireman. Anna tells Angie that she likes her but her face could use some work, and gives her cream to use four times a day and then tells her to leave.

In Peru, AJ and Pritkin make their way through the jungle and AJ says that a jaguar got the guide. They come to a comisaria. The commandante, Gonzalo Chocano, tells them that he'll run the names through the database using voice mode. All of the men were drifters, and finds a notation of "Gordo": they were all fat.

Later at the van, a package arrives. Inside is the body of one of the dead Peruvians, and Monica confirms that he sucked all of the fat out of his body via a needle in his buttocks.

Angie gives Tanner advice on making a new dress, and Anna loves it. She tells Angie that it's brilliant and invites her to Fashion Week in Baghdad. Angie agrees, much to Tanner's disappointment.

The team goes to a bar to celebrate Charo's first week on the team, and Monica points out that it's her birthday. She points out that fat is used in many beauty products, including moisturizers, and finds out that all the dead models used the same face cream. Angie calls AJ and says that she's stuck at the office, and tells him that she won't be there the next day. AJ explains what they found out and when Angie repeats it, Anna hears her. Her son says that they're going to have a big bust the next day and if Angie isn't there, they'll know which job she thinks is more important. Once AJ hangs up, Anna suggests that Angie be the model for their new cop look.

The next day, a plane flies into the country and a man collects packets. The van arrives and the team arrest the pilot after AJ decapitates the pilot. The packets contain heroin, much to AJ's disappointment, and the pilot has no idea where any fat is. Pritkin realizes that the pilot is leaking fat, cuts open his jacket, and reveals that he's carrying packets of fat. The pilot says that he has to deliver the fat or Anna will kill her, and AJ and Pritkin prepare to fly to Baghdad to rescue Angie.

At the fashion shoot in Baghdad, Anna assures Angie that she's transcendent and takes her over to where she has a snack table full of strombolis. Tanner shoots the stromboli out of Angie's hand and says that it was his fashions that were supposed to be pick. He knows that Anna has been embezzling money, and reveals that he's with the fashion police and arrests her. Tanner says that the strombolis were poisoned, and Angie arrests her for the supermodels' murder. Anna explains that the supermodels were all getting too old and would have turned 24 eventually. As Tanner leads her away, Angie thanks him for saving her and he says that it's all good.

AJ spins the plane in a circle.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 30, 2018

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