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A.K.A The Perfect Burger Recap

On a beach in Mexico, Jessica approaches a young girl, Cassie Yasdan. She confirms that Cassie is who she's looking for, and says that she's taking her back to her mother. Cassie's father Mitch comes over and complains, and Jessica tells him that he lost custody so he's technically a kidnapper. Mitch insists that he had to get Cassie away from her mother, and Cassie insists that she's staying with her dad. He points out that they're not in the U.S. and warns Jessica not to make him get physical, and grabs her arm. Jessica throws him across the beach and then takes Cassie with her.

Later in NYC, Jessica takes Cassie to her mother's apartment. Once Cassie goes inside, the mother realizes that Mitch has made her the "bad cop" again and she's going to put him in jail. Jessica suggests that would be easier on Cassie if the mother let her go, and the mother tells Jessica that she's not going to pay.

Jessica returns to her office and Vido tells her that her incident in Mexico went viral and got 30,000 views. They go into Alias Investigations where Jessica's receptionist Gillian is on the phone with a prospective customer. The office has been redecorated, and Jessica says that the new sofa is going away as she dumps the sand out of her boots. Jessica reluctantly takes the case, for an ex-ganger, and Gillian says that there are plenty of helpless people calling. She leaves at the end of her shift, and Jessica tells Vido that she keeps Gillian around even though she doesn't like her. As Vido goes, he invites Jessica to family dinner but she says that she has work. Once she's alone, Jessica pours herself a drink.

That night, Jessica leaves her office and goes past Malcolm's new apartment as he gets cookies from a deliveryman. He introduces his girlfriend Zaya and she takes the cookies to the party inside, and Malcolm and Jessica awkwardly say goodbye to each other. Jessica goes to a bar to drink, and Detective Eddy Costa sits down beside her. He buys her a drink and says that she saved Cassie, and points out that he just mentioned the case in passing and didn't force the case on her. Eddy suggests that Jessica quit, and reminds her that he throws her cases and she doesn't break the law. He warns that what she did to Mitch was assault, and she shouldn't go over the line and leaves.

The next day, Jeri gets out of bed and collapses from her ALS. She starts to call a number and then stops, and then contemplates her medicine but doesn't take it.

Dorothy arrives at Alias and pounds on the door until Jessica answers. Jessica shuts the door in her face, but Dorothy keeps knocking until Jessica returns. Dorothy says that she wants to hire Jessica and keeps knocking when Jessica closes the door again. When Jessica opens the door again, Dorothy says that Trish is missing. Jessica doesn't care, and Dorothy barges in and invites Jessica to hit her as long as she listens. The PI hears her out, and Dorothy says that Trish fell off the map 24 hours ago and missed work for the first time. Jessica figures that it's Trish's business, and isn't interested when Dorothy offers her payment. She says that Jessica can do more than the police, and insists that Trish had nothing to do with Alisa's death. Jessica refuses to discuss it, and Dorothy reminds her that Trish is also Jessica's family. The PI still isn't interested and tells Dorothy to get out. Dorothy says that Trish was the only good thing about Jessica and leaves.

Jeri calls Jessica and says that she needs her. Jessica goes to Jeri's apartment and says that she needs the beach video taken down. Jeri shows her the bottle of medicine and explains that she hasn't considered taken them until that morning when she felt the first major symptoms of ALS. She says that the symptoms passed and it isn't the day she's going to take the medicine, but she realized that she couldn't ever take it and needs someone to slip her the pills without her knowing. Jeri chose Jessica because she can make the hard choices, and Jessica pours a drink and asks how it works. The lawyer says that she can't know it's coming, and Jessica tells her to look the other way. She dumps the pills into the drink, and Jeri tells her to stop. Jessica tries to force Jeri to drink the alcohol, and Jeri knocks the glass out of her hand and yells at her to stop. When Jeri says that she hadn't planned on dying, Jessica tells her that no one plans for it. The lawyer says that she has to go to work and will take care of the video, and Jessica leaves.

Malcolm takes a taxi to where a pedestrian was hit by a drunk driver. The pedestrian points out that the driver, Cody Willamet, is a pro baseball player. Malcolm warns that the pedestrian won't win if he sues Cody, and Jeri represents Cody's team. He suggests that the pedestrian take Cody's car as his own as recompense and goes over to have Cody sign a paper transferring the title. Once Cody does, Malcolm gives the paper to the pedestrian and says that the car is his as long as he keeps the incident to himself. Once the man signs the papers, he drives off. Cody tells Malcolm that it won't happen again even though it's happened twice before.

That night, Jessica looks over the list of prospective clients and finally calls Dorothy. Dorothy is calling around, claiming that she's planning a surprise party for her daughter. When she takes Jessica's call, Jessica asks for any information Dorothy might have on Trish. Dorothy says that Trish moved and sold everything she owned, and Jessica tells Dorothy that she'll meet her at Trish's new place in the morning.

The next morning, Jessica goes to Trish's new place in a seedier part of NYC, and they go in together. Trish isn't there but there are files and books on the tables. Jessica figures that Trish is educating herself and hiding out. There are bloody chains fastened to the stairwell railing. Jessica uses Trish's password to access her laptop, and Dorothy tells her that she used to be jealous of her. When she says that Trish was Jessica's conscience, Jessica shoves her out and goes back to the laptop. She finds an unsent email from Trish to her, saying that she used to be Jessica's conscience but Alisa needed to be stopped and Jessica can't tell good from bad. Jessica throws the laptop across the room, grabs some papers, and leaves.

Following a list of addresses that Trish wrote down, Jessica goes to a cheap hotel and threatens the clerk until she gets the room number where Trish is at. She breaks in and finds a bag containing everything necessary for a stakeout. There's a pair of binoculars, and Jessica uses them to look at the surrounding buildings to figure out who Trish was watching.

Malcolm goes to Jeri's firm and tells her that she got the non-disclosure agreement from the latest guy that Cody almost killed. He says that he's not a fixer, and Jeri tells him to leave if he doesn't like it. Jeri apologizes and says that he's good at it, and Malcolm wonders if it's worth it. Zaya--Jeri's associate lawyer--comes in and says that she has a case she thinks they can win. Jeri tells her to run with it and looks briefly at Malcolm, who nods at her. Once Zaya leaves, Jeri tells Malcolm that she'll be a lawyer soon and Malcolm needs to decide what he wants and then reconcile it with himself. She goes back to looking at an Internet posting on a Zoey Lyonne scholarship benefit concert that night as Malcolm leaves, Jeri tells her assistant Char to make a contribution to the concert and put it in her appointment schedule, and says that she's just trying to do some good.

Jessica keeps watch from Trish's hotel room, and that night sees Trish on the street. Trish is dressed in black and watching a man going into a building across the street. Trish follows the man inside, pulls up a mask, and goes into his apartment behind him. She turns on the alarm, and when the man comes out of his bedroom to confront her, Jessica sees Trish grab him.

The man knocks Trish down and grabs a gun from a safe, and Jessica leaves via the fire escape. She jumps through the man's apartment window as he shoots at Trish. Trish dodges the bullets and takes cover, as does Jessica. Jessica shoves a sofa into the man, knocking the gun out of his hand, and he recognizes her. The PI grabs Trish and drags her into the bedroom, closing the door behind them. Trish breaks Jessica's grip and runs into the main room. The man has fled, leaving his safe open. Trish glares at Jessica and then leaves via the window, going to her hotel room.

Jessica goes after her and Trish packs her things and says that she's late for work. She tells Jessica that she was trying to get justice with her new powers, and would have told Jessica if she had returned her calls. Trish explains that there was a statue in the safe that would have linked the man to an assault, and she triggered the alarm so he'd open the safe. She tells Jessica to stay out of the way, and insists that she's a hero now. Now Trish is equipped to do something about it, and says that nobody needs Jessica to be a hero because she has it covered. Jessica tells Trish to call Dorothy so she can get paid and leaves.

Malcolm watches from his car as Cody leaves a bar, refusing to give his girlfriend the keys even though he's drunk. The girlfriend walks off, disgusted, and Malcolm follows Cody as he drives off. When Cody stops at an intersection, Malcolm t-bones him, confirms that Cody is alive but stunned, and walks away.

Jessica goes back to Sharon's bar and watches Trish on TV. A man sits down next to her.

At the charity performance, Jeri watches and notices one performer, Kith Lyonne. Once they're done, Kith sees Jeri and tells the audience that her daughter Zoey is smiling down on them. At the reception, Kith approaches Jeri and tells her that she thought they'd run into each other after 25 years. Kith's husband Peter Lyonne comes over and congratulates Kith, and Kith introduces him to Jeri. Peter says that he heard that Kith was in love with Jeri, and Kith admits that Jeri broke her heart. He expresses an interest in Jeri's pursuit of "superhero law", and Kith admits that her husband is a professor of criminal law. Once he leaves, Jeri offers to take Kith to lunch to catch up. Kith says that it would take longer than lunch and Jeri agrees, and asks her to call her.

At Sharon's, Jessica listens to a news report about Cody being the victim of a hit and run and he'll be out for at least the season because of his injury. Several bros are playing a drinking game, and the man next to Jessica--Erik Gelden--offers Jessica a bet that one of them will break a glass into his hand first. Jessica takes his back and Erik wins, and they talk about being "moral compasses". Erik says that he's used to low expectations, and tells Jessica that she should have a decent burger rather than the one she's eating at the bar. Erik admits that he knows who she is, and describes a "perfect burger". He invites Jessica to try one of his burgers and bets $50 that she'll care, and she figures he's hitting on her but agrees.

Jessica takes Erik to Alias and she suggests that they do the sex before he makes the burger. They undress and kiss, and have sex on Jessica's desk. Vido knocks on the door and doesn't go away, and Erik goes to make the burgers. Jessica opens the door and a masked figure stabs her in the stomach. She shoves the figure down the hallway and goes after him, but then collapses from shock and blood loss. The figure runs off, and Malcolm comes out of his apartment and finds Jessica on the floor.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2019

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