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A.K.A You're Welcome Recap

Months ago as she leaves Alias Investigation, Trish instinctively catches her falling cell phone with her foot. Once she flips it up to her hand, Trish leaves and considers what she can do with her new powers. Trish tosses the phone into the air and tries to catch it again, but misses and breaks the phone. She starts to go back to Jessica to share the news with her, but reconsiders when she remembers that she killed Alisa, and figures that Jessica needs time to deal with that.

The next day, Trish goes to an underpass playground and tries to "activate" her powers using the equipment as an obstacle course. She also spars with her self-defense instructor, Adrian, and slowly improves, gaining superhuman reflexes and balance. Then Trish wonders what she should do, and uses the skills she learned from Jessica and finds articles on the Internet about how Jessica is hailed as a hero for killing Alisa.

Later, Dorothy asks to meet Trish and she agrees to meet with her mother at a coffee shop. She tells Dorothy that things are different and she needs some time to herself, and Trish notes that Jessica is now advertising her services as a hero. Dorothy tells Trish that she needs someone to turn her abilities into career opportunities, and suggests fashion and dance shows. Trish isn't interested, saying that she's pursuing something on her own that isn't in public. Dorothy notes that Trish is unemployable otherwise, and a disgusted Trish says that she'll call her and leaves.

On the streets, Trish listens to a police scanner but doesn't hear anything she considers significant. She gets a news feed about Jessica busting up an abusive employer at a furniture factory, and then hears a radio report about an armed robbery in progress. Trish runs to the address just in time to discover the police have already arrested the suspects. She sees Jessica walking down the street and calls her, but Jessica ignores the call. Trish starts to leave a message and then hangs up.

As Trish goes, she sees a robber run by with a stolen phone. She goes after him in an alleyway and kicks him down, and tells him that he makes people feel powerless. The mugger recognizes her as Patsy, and complains that Trish sprained his neck. The victim runs up and identifies the mugger, and Trish gives it back to him. He recognizes her as Patsy as well, and Trish runs off.

Deciding to get a mask, Trish goes to a costume store and tries on various outfits. She finally finds one that works for her and as she puts it into her car, sees a blue stocking cap. Trish settles for that and pulling her scarf up over her lower face.

At the gym, Trish exercises and a woman sits down next to her and realizes who she is. Once she confirms who Trish is, she serves her with papers from the mugger complaining that Trish injured him. Trish takes it to Jeri, who warns that the case has merit because Trish assaulted an alleged victim. When Trish admits that she didn't get the victim's information to have him corroborate her story, Jeri tells her to stop talking. Trish insists that some battles are worth fighting, and Jeri says that she'll take on Trish as a client as long as she can represent her in everything, including entertainment. The lawyer says that she's building a new client list and Trish is a celebrity. Once Trish agrees, Jeri calls in Malcolm to "fix" the settlement, and warns that a judge may rule that Jessica has considerable assets even if she doesn't.

As Malcolm and Trish leaves, Trish notes that Malcolm seems comfortable. He insists on keeping the discussion to business, but Trish tells him that she pulled the trigger on Alisa. Malcolm was unaware that Trish was the killer, and he says that he couldn't live with it but it hasn't slowed down Trish. She asks if it bothers him keeping guilty people out of jail, and asks if anyone is getting away with it who shouldn't. Malcolm refuses to discuss it, and says that she hurts as many people as she helps. Trish tells him that at least she isn't giving up, and Malcolm insists that he's doing it his own way. He advises her to keep them on retainer since they keep guilty people out of jail. After Malcolm leaves, Trish notices a clerk with files and offers to help him, "accidentally" trips him, and secretly takes some of the files.

That night at her new loft apartment, Trish goes through the files looking for potential targets. She comes up with a photo of one man, Reid Pearson. There's a knock at the door and Trish quickly hides the files. It's Dorothy, who comes in through the unlocked door and complains that the place is a dump. She says that Trish can't live there because it's not how Walkers keep up appearances, and Trish says that the sale of her old apartment will cover her expenses. Her mother figures that something is going on and asks Trish to let help her. Trish suggests that she start cleaning the place, and Dorothy tells her that whatever she's trying to do, she can't accomplish it herself. She goes to work anyway, and Trish looks at the photo of Andrew.

That night, Trish watches Reid inside at a bar and sees him drug his date's drink. Trish puts on her disguise and calls Jessica, but gets her voice mail. Reid and his date leave, and Trish hangs up and follows them. The woman, Birdie, starts to collapse and Reid takes her into an alleyway and starts raping her. As Birdie passes out, the disguised Trish arrives and kicks him in the groin from behind and then knocks him unconscious. Trish then wakes Birdie up and tells her that she's okay, and says that she'll stay there until the police get there. She explains what Reid did and that he's done it before but got off on technicalities. Trish assures Birdie that Reid didn't get away with her and says that Birdie fought him off, and advises her to have the police give her a tox screen.

When the police arrive, Trish watches from her car and smiles in satisfaction. She wonders how many wins it will take to redeem herself with Jessica. She goes to Alias and sees Oscar talking to Jessica at the door. Oscar figures that they're friends now and he's not sure what happened. Jessica explains that he's a good guy and claims that she's only friends with him to be friends with Vido. Oscar tells her that he's met someone else and wanted to let Jessica know in case they ran into each other, and Jessica admits that she never figured out how to let someone else into her life without them getting killed. He realizes that she's talking about Alisa but Jessica doesn't want to talk about it. Listening, Trish walks away.

Trish continues training with Adrian at her loft and spars with him. She takes him down and hits him in the chest, drawing blood. Trish tells him to take the shirt off and then has sex with him on the mat. The next day, Trish discovers that Adrian is still there and says that he should leave. Adrian is watching a newscast about Adrian Brandt supposedly hiring two thugs to break into a woman's apartment, assault her, and steal a valuable sculpture that she inherited instead of him.

Malcolm knocks at the door, and Trish tells Adrian that she has an appointment she forgot and she'll call him later. Adrian figures that he lost her as a client. He leaves past Malcolm, who says that the mugger settles for $50,000 because Malcolm dug up dirt on his record going back to high school. The mugger was also a family man, and they've been lying about the mugger being his son's parent. Malcolm told him to take the settlement or have the truth revealed, and when he refused Malcolm called the kid and asked him if his father ever told him what a "bastard" is. The mugger begged him to hang up, and Malcolm admits that he did what he had to to get the job done and prove himself to Jeri. Trish gives Malcolm the check and tells him to never do anything like that for her, and Malcolm says that he's not the one who went off the rails. He advises her to find a good answer for what she's doing because eventually the tabloids will ask, and leaves.

Trish is soon doing a style show that Dorothy has set her up with on a home shopping network. A caller says that she's going through a divorce, and Trish handles it by telling the caller to show her what a good thing he's missing. After the show finishes filming, Trish looks up Andrew online and the clothing rep—Grace--she had as a guest notices. They're dropping the charges against Andrew because they couldn't link him to the theft, and the rep says that someone should call Jessica, the "superhero woman". Dorothy gets Grace away and then tells Trish to keep her head in the game and complains that they didn't provide Skittles. She asks if Trish is happy there, and warns that if she flames out again there won't be another gig. Trish insists that she's keeping the job so that people can see what she's up to.

Back at her loft, Jessica goes over manuals on security systems and types an email to Jessica asking for her help and suggesting they team up. She says that neither of them have to do it alone and she can see the horrors clearly now, and is missing a piece without Jessica. Trish admits that she might have been wrong in killing Alisa, and then deletes it and writes that Jessica is too busy blaming her for killing Alisa who had to be stopped. She finally saves the email as a draft and goes back to her studies.

Once Andrew leaves his apartment, Trish breaks in and shuts down the alarm. She searches the place and finds the safe, but no sign of the statue. Trish sees a hotel across the street and gets a room there overlooking Andrew's apartment, and sets up there to watch him after wiping off her chair. As night falls, Trish exercises and Dorothy sends texts complaining that Trish isn't answering and she's worried about her.

Andrew arrives home and Trish watches him through binoculars. He pours himself a drink and watches TV. Trish dozes off and the next day, sees Andrew open the safe and takes out a gun. Trish can't get a look at what's inside from her angle, and she follows him to a deposit slot. Andrew dumps a plastic folder full of cash into the slot and leaves.

That night, Andrew returns to his apartment. Trish breaks in and while Andrew is watching TV, she activates the alarm. Andrew confronts her and grabs him, and he runs to safe, opens it, and takes out the gun. Jessica bursts in and both women take cover as Andrew aims his gun at them.

Once Andrew flees, Trish tells Jessica that it's better if she stay out of her way. She insists that she's a hero, and now she's equipped to do something about the evil in the world. Trish tells Jessica that she's free and doesn't have to try feeling guilty and inadequate, and nobody needs Jessica to be a hero because she's got it covered. Jessica tells Trish to call Dorothy so she can get paid, and leaves.

Later, Dorothy finds Trish at the shopping show sound stage. She points out that Trish missed two shows in a row, and convinced the network to keep her on. Dorothy warns that Trish it out of second chances, and Trish says that it won't happen again. Her mother wonders if she's drinking or it's a man, and Trish says that she's all alone in it. Dorothy figures that it's a man and says that he doesn't deserve her, and assures Trish that she'll get through it. Once Dorothy leaves, Malcolm calls and tells Trish that Jessica is in the hospital and asked for Trish.

Trish goes to the hospital and tells Jessica that she just had surgery, and will be there for a few days. She promises that they'll find the person who stabbed her, and figures that Andrew or one of his thugs attacked her after he recognized Jessica at the apartment. Trish gives Jessica Andrew's full name and Jessica rolls over. Disgusted at not getting any thanks, Trish leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 27, 2019

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