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Shirley Bassey Recap

Bet stands in a phone booth across the street from the flat, and finally walks across the street. She watches as a couple go in, and later tells Peggy as they walk along the Thames that she saw the perpetrators. Bet says that she could have stopped them if she had known, but Peggy doesn't believe her. Her sister insists that she loved Esme.

The sisters go to the cemetery and watch from a distance as Esme is buried. Aziz, Evelyn, and John are there, and John has his men put Esme's coffin in the grave. Thomas and Martha watch from a different point, and Thomas tells Martha that the police don't have a suspect. The police say that it's a burglary gone wrong, and tells Martha that the League are happy that she identified Frances as the new Society leader. He points out that Martha seems angry, and Martha notes that she persuaded Alfred to leave Esme alone so it's her fault. Thomas disagrees and Martha admits that she's being emotional because she's upset. She leaves and Thomas says that he'll be in touch.

Alfred almost falls into the grave, overcome by grief, and Wallace and Deon hold him.

That night, Peggy and Bet drive away and Bet says that Esme was too good for Alfred. She spots a leashed-up Harwood sitting by a fire and goes over and asks if it's him. A shell-shocked Harwood doesn't remember her. Jack comes over and says that he leashed Harwood for the safety of the public. When Bet objects, Jack tells her to fuck off and goes back to his friends. Bet pokes Jack's eye out with a pin and goes back to Harwood, who applauds. She releases him and he crawls to the car, and Bet tells Peggy that her old boss is coming with them. When Bet refuses to abandon Harwood, Peggy reluctantly takes him along.

The next day, the Pennyworths share a drink with Wallace and Deon. Alfred lies on his bed and imagines Spanish there with him. Spanish asks why he's not out looking for the killer, and Alfred says that he knows who the killer is and he's thinking about cutting his throat. Alfred admits that he got Esme killed and he was with another woman. Spanish admires him, and Alfred tells him that he's not helping. He covers his head with a pillow, trying to block out Spanish's voice, but he can still hear Spanish.

Bet and Peggy take Harwood to the Spicer home, shave him, and cloth him. The sisters remind him who they are,, and Bet tells him who he is. Harwood says that Harwood is a bad man and yells that he's not Harwood. Peggy says that they'll call him Ginger and recites grace before dinner.

Months Later

Gangs representing the Society and League fight each other, spreading chaos in the streets. A League agent, Joshua, finds Thomas and says that the League leader wants to see him immediately. Joshua blindfolds Thomas and drives him to a home. Undine and Julian Thwaite greet Thomas and pour him a martini, and Julian says that they're losing the battle in the street. They've asked for a meeting to discuss a treaty between the Society and the League, and have confirmed with Frances that they'll meet in a safe neutral place... and then they'll kill her. Thomas asks if it's extreme or at least premature, and Julian insists that they need to strike back hard or give up. He tells Thomas to arrange the details. When Thomas tells the Thwaites that he didn't sign up to kill people, Julian asks why he did sign up. Thomas says that he signed up for peace and freedom, and Undine says that they must sacrifice their finer feelings for the larger cause. Realizing that he has no choice if he wants to live, Thomas agrees.

Later, Thomas meets with CIA Chief Hightower and explains that he met with the Thwaites. He figures that they know Thomas is CIA, and explains that Julian asked him to arrange Frances' death. Hightower tells him to do what Julian asks because they prefer the League prevail rather than the Society. Thomas realizes that the CIA engineered the whole thing and agrees to do it.

Thomas visits Martha at her flat and tells her that the leadership has given them an assignment. Martha says that she's ready to work, and Thomas points out that she was in poor shape mentally at the funeral. She insists that she's ready to go, but refuses to use Alfred. Thomas insists that they'll need Alfred and she'll have to be persuasive, and says that he likes Martha. Martha disagrees and Thomas asks if she's refusing to go. She says that she isn't.

Mr. Pennyworth shaves his disinterested son and tells him to eat his biscuit. Once Alfred does, his father leaves for work. Martha arrives and Alfred lets her in. She tells him that the League wants him to come back to work, and Alfred refuses and tells Martha to tell them not to ask again because he can't do violence again. Martha says that she understands, wishes him luck, and leaves. Spanish is there and figures Martha is the woman Alfred was with. He says that Alfred is being too hard on himself, and tells him that Esme's death was an accident. Alfred has killed deliberately many times so he should live with Esme's death. Mrs. Darkness appears and agrees with Spanish, and tells Alfred that Esme would say the same thing. She offers to bring Esme there, and Alfred tells her not to do it.

Alfred yells at the ghost to leave, and Mary comes in and asks if he's okay. He claims that he was daydreaming, and his mother goes to make tea.

Martha tells Thomas that Alfred refused, and Thomas figures that he's cracked. He figures they'll have to find someone else.

Peggy has the Spicers dress Harwood and he bows to Bet, saying that his name is Oxymandias. He falls over on his new shoes as Peggy comes in,

John runs down the street, exercising. He goes to the Pennyworth flat and Alfred lets him in. John tells Alfred that he's a shameful mess, and reminds Alfred that he owes him a favor. Alfred agrees, and Mary comes in and recognizes John. John declines her offer of tea and tells Alfred that he needs a new running partner. He gives Alfred a pair of running shoes.

Once Alfred dresses for the run, he meets John outside. The two of them run off as Mary watches nervously.

At the club, Thomas orders warm milk and asks to speak with Wallace and Deon. They come over and tries to make small talk, but Deon isn't interested. Thomas tells them that he has a job for them, and Deon says that they're not interested. Wallace figures that he wants someone murdered, and Deon figures that Thomas has changed from the righteous man he once was. When Wallace asks what the pay is, Deon insists that they're not murderers and warns that the police are already watching them. Thomas says that the police would thank them and quotes them a price of 500 pounds each. Chadley calls them over and says that there's a problem in the ladies room, and Thomas assures Wallace that if only one man takes the job, he'd get both fees. Deon tells Wallace to think, but Wallace isn't interested.

John and Alfred jog through the park, Alfred falling behind. When he catches up to John, John tells him to come on and goes around the park again. As the days go by, Alfred slowly catches up to John and finally passes him. The older man asks Alfred if that's all he's got and passes him, and Alfred races him. John leads Alfred to the cemetery and they stop at Esme's grave. The older man says that it's time to put down a stone and Alfred tells him to choose. When Alfred challenges him, John slaps him and tells him to show some respect. John says that they're friends and he's helping him. When Alfred turns to go, John asks him if he thinks Esme died by accident. He notes that Esme had no enemies, and she was killed to make Alfred suffer. John tells Alfred that the killer is laughing at him, and Alfred grabs him by the arms and asks who killed her. John points out that he's touching him and Alfred releases his grip, apologizing.

The gangster says that he doesn't know who the killer is, but he knows Alfred very well and Alfred knows him. John asks who hates Alfred so much that he wants to watch Alfred live a life of tortured misery. He offers to provide a "friend" who can help Alfred find the killer, and Alfred figures that John will give him the name if he does something for John first.

Back at home, Alfred takes a bath and dresses. He goes to the bar and orders drinks, and Sandra congratulates him. Alfred asks Sid if Deon or Wallace have been in, and the landlord hasn't seen them recently. He tells Sid to tell them he's looking for them if he sees them and asks for Sid's shotgun and all of his ammo. Sid goes to get it and Sandra serves Alfred his drink, smiling at him. Once Sid brings the shotgun, Alfred tells him that he'll bring it back and asks if Jason has been in London. Sid and Sandra haven't heard anything, and they assure him that no one has been slagging Alfred off. He tells them to let him know if anyone does and leaves.

Alfred goes to the club and Chadley thanks him for coming. The owner says that the club has downhill since Alfred quit, and says that Wallace isn't there but Deon is. Alfred says that he'll let Chadley know when he comes back to work and goes to find Deon. Deon is doing drugs with the dancer, and says that Wallace is working for Thomas a shooter. He doesn't know who the target is, and Alfred asks if he knows anyone who really hates him. Deon doesn't, and Alfred tells him to straighten up and then they'll talk.

Later, Alfred sits in a car with John and asks if he believes in ghosts. John hasn't, and dismisses them as the product of weak minds. He tells Alfred that he has to succeed if he wants the killer's name, and Alfred goes into a nearby French restaurant.

Julian and Undine are eating dinner, and Julian insists that he knows what he's doing. Frances and two of her guards arrive and Frances sits down with the Thwaites.

Wallace comes into the kitchen and poses as a janitor. A chef asks who he is, figuring that he's a thief. Wallace head-butts him, draws his gun, and orders the other chefs to put their hands up.

Julian offers a toast to "new horizons", and Frances reluctantly joins in. He says that all they ever wanted was dialogue, and wonders where the waiter is.

Wallace locks the chefs up, and a man comes in. The ex-army man aims his gun at him.

Julian says that both of their sides have lost good comrades to the struggle. Frances tells him that they have God on their side and the numbers, and figures that Julian wants a truce because they're close to destroying the League. She tells him to state his terms, and Julian says that they're optimistic of their chances. Wallace comes in, shoots Frances' guards, and tells Frances to close her eyes. As the patrons run out, she refuses, draws her own gun, and shoots Wallace.

Frances goes to Wallace and tells him to stay awake, and has Undine put pressure on the wound. She uses a pin to close the wound temporarily.

Alfred enters the kitchen, pulls a ski mask over his face, and goes into the restaurant. He sees Wallace and wonders why he's there, and Wallace recognizes his voice. Frances recognizes Alfred's voice as well, and Alfred removes his ski mask and greets Frances. He claims that he's never seen Wallace before and Frances finishes binding Wallace's wound. Alfred asks if Wallace can be moved, and Frances tells him that Wallace will probably die anyway. Alfred sits Wallace on a chair and then blasts Julian's head off. He then picks up Wallace and leaves. When guards charge in, Alfred shoots one of them, turns, and Wallace shoots the other. A shocked Undine runs out as sirens sound in the distance.

Back at the bar, Alfred pounds on the door. Sandra lets him in and he puts Wallace in a booth. He gives Sandra the shotgun and tells her to bring the doctor. Sandra makes the call and brings Alfred some alcohol, and then takes a drink herself. Wallace goes into shock, and Alfred and Sandra have sex behind the bar.

Aziz and his men enter the restaurant and the inspector stares at Julian's headless corpse.

The next day, Aziz tells the Queen and the PM what happened. They figure it will sink the No-Name League for good, and someone else will serve as pro tem leader until the elections. The Queen figures that Frances has done them a favor and they have to remember that once they capture her.

Undine is in bed and tells her lover that she feels nothing. John emerges from the bathroom, and Undine tells him that she expected to feel freedom and empowerment. He says that England will soon be hers and she should rejoice, and they kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 25, 2019