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Julie Christie Recap

Martha walks through the crowd, wearing a sheet since her clothes are missing. She arrives at her flat and finds Thomas waiting for her. Thomas asks where she's been and where Patricia is, and wonders what happened to her. Martha tells him to calm down and asks why he's there, and explains that she and Patricia went to a party and things got wild. She tells Thomas that Patricia is a grown woman and figures that she's sleeping it off somewhere. Thomas says that Martha has been gone for three days, and Martha doesn't remember the missing three days since she went to the party on Friday.

Alfred, Wallace, and Deon search Curzon's home but find no clue to where he's hiding. Deon finds Curzon's uniform with Esme's engagement ring pinned to it, and Alfred figures that Curzon is playing with him. A woman, Mrs. Pike, comes in and finds the three men pointing their guns at her. Pike says that she just cleans Curzon's house, and Curzon won't let her touch his quarters. She has no idea what Curzon has gone, and says that he puts on his uniform and leaves even though he no longer has a commission.

Harwood refuses to let Bet come with him, saying that someone might recognize her. He assures her that they won't be long and leaves with Peggy. They drive to Frances' manor and present themselves to the guard as being on a "surprise visit". Peggy tells the guard that Frances will want to see them, and the guard brings Frances. Peggy says that the situation wants discretion and asks Frances if she's alone. Frances confirms that she is, and Harwood gets out of the car and greets Frances. She hugs him, laughing in relief.

Marsha takes Thomas to Crowley's place. He complains that Patricia drags the Wayne name through the papers, and Martha points out that he's worried about his name when his sister is missing. When Jason answers the door, he welcomes Martha back. Thomas asks about Patricia and Martha demands to speak to Crowley. Jason says that he'll be along and introduces himself, saying that they had fun together.

Crowley comes into the room and greets Thomas by name, saying Patricia speaks highly of him. He says that Patricia is upstairs, safe and sound, and sends Jason to fetch her. Martha accuses Crowley of drugging her, and Crowley tells her that he slipped nothing into her drink. He claims he doesn't know what happened to her, and invites her to call in the police because the chief inspector is a good friend. Thomas doesn't want to involve the police, and Crowley asks where the crime is. Martha tells Thomas that there was blood and a man with a goat's head, and Thomas doesn't believe her.

Patricia comes in and Thomas is surprised that she's in a good mood. When he says that they're leaving, Patricia refuses saying that she's finally home. Crowley tells Thomas that Patricia is an adult and he won't let her be taken against her will. He suggests that Patricia talk to Thomas privately, and she goes with Thomas.

Inside, Frances tells Harwood that they were lost without his leadership. She says that they have to get her out of the country, but Harwood refuses to leave English because the crisis is coming. Frances is eager to hold the truce that she's put together, and Harwood says that Undine will break the truce as soon as she's consolidated power. He congratulates her on having Julian killed in front of her, and figures that Undine will be vengeful. Frances insists that she didn't have Julian killed, and asks Harwood what his plans are. Harwood says that he will destroy his enemies and lead England back to greatness. Frances warns that if he reveals himself the government will arrest him, and Harwood says that for now no one can know that he's alive. At the right time he will reveal his continued existence to the public. Harwood notes that Frances seems doubtful, and she insists that it's a plan.

Patricia says that she's happier than she's ever been and feels like a new woman. She insists that she's found love and honesty, and Thomas warns that Crowley is bad. Patricia talks about how they are all darkness, but Thomas says that she has a responsibility that she must order. She tells him that she was dead inside and now she knows why, and Crowley showed her the way. Thomas dismisses Crowley's beliefs in Satanism as bullshit, and Patricia figures that Thomas is concerned about the family name. She says that he's a callous cold-hearted money-grubbing loser, and for the first time in her life she's happy. Patricia wonders why he can't accept that, and Thomas tells her that he could accept that if he believed her.

Alfred is at home at the sink, cleaning Esme's ring. Mary comes in and Alfred ignores her concern for him. Mr. Pennyworth comes in, notices that Alfred is distracted, and asks for bicarbonate of soda. Mary directs him to it and Mr. Pennyworth makes a paste and offers to polish the ring for Alfred. Alfred hands it over and his father cleans the ring. He says that Esme would have made a wonderful daughter-in-law and gives the ring back, pats Alfred on the shoulder, and goes to the living room.

Martha and Crowley wait together, and Crowley finally says that whatever happened to her happened to her because she wanted it. Martha dismisses him as a pathetic conman and says that the Waynes have crushed nations. Thomas and Patricia come in, and Thomas threatens to destroy Crowley if any harm comes to Patricia. Martha is furious that Thomas is leaving Patricia there, and he says that his sister is an adult and can do as she likes. Crowley invites them to stay for a meal, but Thomas refuses and tells Patricia to call him if she changes her mind.

Outside, Martha warns that Patricia is in danger. Thomas figures that Patricia will grow tired of Crowley and then call Thomas and ask him to pay Crowley off. He tells Martha to look at herself and deal with own personal issues, and leaves via cab.

Alfred goes to the regiment officers' club and the guard, Reggie, refuses to let him in. Alfred walks away... and sneaks into the back entrance. He then calls to the officers, introducing himself as a private and hopes one of them can direct him to Curzon. Reggie comes in as Alfred says that Curzon has dishonored their reputation. General Malcolm tells Reggie to let Alfred have his say, and Alfred continues. He says that Curzon killed his fiancée to get back at him for making a joke at his expense. He asks them for their help finding Curzon.

Nobody responses, and Alfred walks out. As Reggie starts to fight him, Malcolm comes out and tells Reggie to stand down. He dismisses Alfred as a lunatic but figures that he's an honest man. and says that he'll make inquiries rather than harbor a cad. Alfred thanks him for his help and leaves.

At her flat, Martha wakes up from a dream of the goat-headed man. She goes to Thomas' hotel room and says that he has to get Patricia away from Crowley. Martha insists that Crowley is in league with the Devil, and says that what she can remember of what happened to her is horrible. All she knows is that what happened to her was worse than sexual assault, and Thomas dismisses her remembrances as bad dreams. Martha vows to help Patricia herself, and tells Thomas to contact the authorities if she disappears. She leaves and an exasperated Thomas goes after her.

Martha and Thomas go to Crowley's home and Crowley invites them to eat with him as Jason stands at his shoulder. Thomas asks how Crowley wants, and Crowley sends Jason to get Patricia. Crowley insists that he doesn't want Thomas' money but he doesn't want to lose Patricia. He says that his master wants Thomas' soul. Thomas jokingly agrees and Crowley says that he needs a contract signed in Thomas' blood. He tells Thomas that the Devil knows that there's a beast inside of Thomas, and closes the door with a gesture. Thomas dismisses it as technological technology, and realizes that Crowley wants Wayne Enterprises and its assets. Crowley insists that the Devil wants Thomas' spiritual energies, not his company.

Patricia comes in and Crowley tells her that Thomas thinks that he's brainwashed her. Crowley asks how Thomas and Martha ended up working together, and reveals that he knows all about the No-Name League and Thomas' spying for the CIA. Thomas denies it but Martha realizes that it's true. Patricia is amused by the idea, and Thomas warns that it's dangerous to spread the lie. Jason returns and comments on Thomas' "teeth", and Crowley says that there's a beast inside of Thomas.

Thomas offers Crowley $50,000 to hand Patricia over. Crowley says that he's not interested in his money, and tells Thomas that he will get the Devil's eternal friendship. Thomas demands to speak to the Devil, and Crowley says that he'll ask. Crowley leads him to an altar in the basement and asks if he'll listen to what the Devil has to say. Thomas refuses to discuss the matter, and Jason sets up a screen. He then turns on a project showing a film of goat-headed man having sex with naked women. Thomas stares at it, enraptured, and Patricia finally appears in the film, naked with a pentagram on her forehead. He yells at Jason to turn the projector off, and knocks over the projector when Jason doesn't. Thomas then beats Jason , chokes him, and slams him into the wall. He wraps the film around Jason's head and neck, but gets control of himself and releases Jason.

Crowley says that there's a beast in Thomas just as he claimed, and asks him if he met the Devil. Thomas goes upstairs, grabs Patricia's arm, and says that they're going. She fights back and Crowley tells her to stop, saying that he and Thomas have an understanding now and she must do what her brother wants. Patricia stares at Crowley in shock, and Thomas drags her out. After a moment, Marsha goes after them.

Alfred takes Deon and Wallace with him to the bar to meet with Malcolm's man. Sid says that Sondra is upstairs and wonders what's going on between her and Alfred, and Alfred feigns ignorance. However, Alfred asks Sid to tell Sondra that he's sorry if he disappears.

Reggie comes in and gives Alfred a note with an address, and says that Alfred should be there the next night. Deon figures that it's a trap and suggests that they go in early, but Alfred insists on going in by himself.

At the Spicers' house, Harwood paints Peggy's toenails and she warns that Frances might have betrayed Harwood to the police. Harwood doesn't believe it, and as Bet comes in he says that there's news of Alfred. He knows that Alfred has found out who killed Esme, and Bet asks where the killer is.

At his hotel room, Thomas looks out the window. Martha asked him what happened at Crowley's, and Thomas insists that nothing happened. She figures that he saw the Devil, and Thomas tells her that none of them were there.

Alfred drives to the address, puts his knife into his jacket pocket, and goes into the apartment building. Bet is there and tells Alfred to be quiet. Curzon is sleeping in his flat and hears them, and Alfred enters the room first. Esme's killer is gone, and when they go out into the hallway they see Curzon. Curzon runs and Alfred goes after him.

Curzon goes up the stairs and runs off across the rooftops and down to the street. Alfred follows him and the two men exchange shots. As he chases after Curzon, Alfred remembers Esme. A passing bus cuts Curzon off from Alfred, and when it goes by there's no sign of Curzon. Bet arrives and complains that she had Curzon but Alfred ruined her plan.

Frances tells the Raven Society members that they're zealots and proud of it. She reminds them that the great men and women of history were zealots like them, and promises to expel any foreigners who are not their friends. Mr. Pennyworth is in the crowd, and cheers with others as Frances promises that a revelation is coming that will shock the world.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 8, 2019

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