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AKA Take a Bloody Number Recap

The fire trucks arrive to put out the fire at Luke’s bar, and Jessica and Luke watch from around the corner. Luke says that Kilgrave told him to blow up the bar while he was in it, and make sure that Jessica saw him. He tells Jessica that he followedher to a restaurant and confronted Kilgrave when he came out. Kilgrave took control of him, confirmed that he came there to kill him on his own, and ordered him into the car with Albert. As they drove away, Kilgrave says that Jessica is the one who killed Reva. He forces Luke to admit that he and Jessica were lovers, and there was something between them. Kilgrave realizes that Jessica lied to her and then told him everything. When the villain wonders if Luke screwed up things between him and Jessica, Luke says that Kilgrave did it himself.

Jessica tells Luke that he’s done, and confirms that Kilgrave didn’t know that Luke had hardened skin. She figures that Kilgrave believes Luke is dead, and Luke says that he has to leave as the police arrive. He tells Jessica that his name wasn’t on the paperwork, and Jessica insists on coming with him. They get takeout and go back to Jessica’s office and Luke admits that he was a fool for not believing her about Kilgrave. Jessica points out that she wasn’t trustworthy, and explains that when Kilgrave forced her to kill Reva, it broke his hold on her. She figures that Kilgrave wanted Luke to kill her as well, and Luke seizes on the fact that she can kill Kilgrave. He wants to help, and Jessica says that he needs to be free of Kilgrave for at least 12 hours. She tells him to get some sleep while she monitors the police scanners for Kilgrave’s trail, and Luke reluctantly agrees.

Kilgrave and Albert leave Delaney Hall after testing Kilgrave’s abilities, and Albert warns that they won’t know if he can take control of Jessica again unless they test Kilgrave’s power on her. A man comes out and congratulates Kilgrave, who tells him to shut up and then has his father confirm that he’s doing everything he can to help him. He then tells the man to face a nearby fence forever and tells Albert that they have work to do.

The next day, Jessica calls Trish and confirms that the hospital is releasing her. She tells her friend to go home, get some rest, and increase her security system. Trish tells Jessica that some men took Will away, and insists that he was a good guy before he took the drugs. She’s confirmed that Kozlov works for IGH but there’s no paper trail. Jessica wants to deal with Kilgrave first and Trish agrees. After she hangs up, Trish hears someone at the door and grabs a knife. Dorothy comes in with carnations and Trish asks why she’s there. Dorothy knows that Trish Talk got cancelled and she found out where Trish is, and worries that Trish is taking drugs. Trish insists that she didn’t relapse, and Dorothy says that she’s smart and incisive. People still look up to her, and Trish insists that she’s no longer Dorothy’s client. Dorothy admits that she was a lousy mother then, and she doesn’t know what she’s like since Trish never gave her another shot. Trish orders her to leave and Dorothy goes.

Jessica tells Luke to get some pizza if he’s hungry, and he points out that it’s been 14 hours. He assures Jessica that he’ll get away if they get close to Kilgrave, and Jessica tells him that he can still find another bar and build a new life. Luke refuses, and Jessica says that he’s someone who has something to hide but she doesn’t want to know what it is. Until Kilgrave is dead, Luke insists that he’s with Jessica.

Luke and Jessica hit the streets and Jessica explains that Kilgrave is trying to improve his powers with Albert’s help. They see Malcolm leaving and he says that he’s going home. He’d rather face his parents’ pain than the loneliness he feels around Jessica. Once he goes, Luke and Jessica go to Albert’s motel room to look for clues. The manager comes in and complains that Albert stiffed her on the bill. She says that she sold Albert’s equipment on eBay but couldn’t get rid of the chemicals. The manager offers them for $50 bucks, and Luke picks her up and sets her aside. Among the chemicals is a viral compound for genetic brain disorders.

The duo goes to the local bio-chem lab, Zalk, that sold it. Jessica questions a technician and finds out that Kilgrave is getting back to get some more of the compound. She suggests that Luke talk about what he went through, and he tells her that he was wrong to blame her for Reva’s death. Jessica tells Luke that she doesn’t want his apology, and Luke says that he forgives her and will continue to forgive her as long as she needs to hear it.

Dorothy comes to see Trish at her apartment and says that she has an envelope from IGH for her. Trish lets her in and the older woman explains that she overheard Trish talking about IGH at the hospital. She says that she wants a relationship with her daughter and is trying to earn back her trust, and it has to do with Jessica. Trish opens it and finds Jessica’s medical bills. IGH paid them, and Dorothy insists that she never told them about Jessica’s abilities. She didn’t see any point in asking them if they did something to Jessica because it was already done, and invites Trish to come home and go through all of her files. Trish says that it isn’t her home anymore, and tries to get Trish to endorse a company. When Trish says that she isn’t interested, Dorothy reminds her that they used to live in a one-room apartment. Trish tells her to go, and Dorothy says that the files will be waiting for her before she goes.

Jessica dozes off on Luke’s chest, and he sees a courier arrive at Zalk. They follow him as he takes a taxi to a park after making the pickup. Jessica warns Luke that Kilgrave could be in there, and Luke agrees to stay behind. She follows the courier and spots him picking up a pair of hedge-trimmers and put them in his mouth. He then falls on them, driving them into his head before Jessica can get there. She confirms that his bag is now empty and leaves.

Back at Jessica’s office, Luke tries to reassure Jessica that Albert hasn’t succeeded in boosting Kilgrave’s powers yet. She figures that once Kilgrave gets his upgrade, he’ll be able to control people from any distance. Trish is waiting, and Luke explains that she’s helping Jessica track down Kilgrave. He tells her that he found out about Kilgrave the hard way, and Jessica talks to Trish privately. Jessica explains that she killed Luke’s wife and was sleeping with him, and asks why Trish is really there. Trish says that it has nothing to do with Kilgrave, and tells Jessica that she can feel the chemistry between Jessica and Luke. Jessica points out that they’re dealing with Kilgrave and people are dying, and Trish figures that she’s push Luke away regardless. She tells Jessica that when she finally beats Kilgrave, she hopes she allows herself some happiness.

Jessica goes into her office where Luke is on the phone to Roy, telling him that the bar is gone. He produces a bottle of whiskey and offers Jessica a drink, and Jessica takes out Reva’s flash drive. She tells Luke that there are videos on it of kids, including Kilgrave, and figures that it was meant for Luke. He takes it and asks to use Jessica’s shower, and she agrees.

Malcolm finishes packing and closes up his apartment. He sees Jessica in her office and leaves before she can see him. As he goes to the elevator, he hears Robyn yelling upstairs. He reluctantly goes up to where Robyn is accusing a delivery woman of spying on her for Kilgrave. Malcolm confirms that the package was for Ruben and contains a charge cord he ordered, and tells Robyn that she’s a whack job. Robyn opens the package and slides to the floor, crying. Malcolm considers leaving but stays and listens as Robyn talks about his brother.

At a borrowed apartment, Kilgrave complains that he still can’t control Jessica. Albert insists that they’ve made progress, but warns that he needs rest if he’s going to do his best work. Kilgrave orders him to go to the blender, turn it on, and stick his right hand inside. Albert does so and Kilgrave stops him just in time and asks if he’s focusing. The old man says that he is and Kilgrave unplugs the blender.

After his shower, Luke suggests that Kilgrave might test his expanded powers. If someone saw him, they might have figured it was a hoax. Jessica checks the Internet and finds a video of a woman at Delaney Hall saying that someone told everyone to shut up and they did. She goes to check the security cameras, and Luke takes her hand and says he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Jessica thanks him for his concern and Luke goes to get dressed.

Malcolm takes Robyn to the docks and shows her where he dumped Ruben’s body. He says that she should talk to her brother, and Robyn talks about how they were Pisces. Malcolm apologizes and Robyn says that she forgives him because revenge just means everyone ends up blind. She gives Malcolm Ruben’s charger cord and they throw it into the water, and Robyn says goodbye to her brother.

That night, Jessica and Luke go to Delaney Hall and discover that it’s closed but there are lights on upstairs. They go in, unaware of the man across the street still staring “forever,” and tell the owner that they’re undercover liquor inspectors. Luke plays along and asks for video of the show, and the venue manager takes them to his office. He pays them his usual bribe and they take his money, but insist on seeing the video. The files are gone and the manager insists that he didn’t erase them. A live feed of Kilgrave comes up on stage, and Jessica tells the manager to get out. Once he leaves, Luke tells Jessica to keep her distance and follows the manager out.

Jessica goes out to where Kilgrave is waiting. He figured that she’d find him and orders her to stop. Jessica keeps coming, and Kilgrave realizes that Albert failed. Kilgrave then recites what Luke said earlier, and says that he wrote it. Luke steps out and knocks Jessica across the floor, and Kilgrave explains that he was able to control Luke past his normal 12-hour window. Now he can control people for 24 hours up to a hundred yards, and Luke tells Jessica that he could never forgive her.

Kilgrave orders Luke to kill her, and he punches her. Jessica catches his fist and shoves him back, but he throws her away. As they fight, Kilgrave insists that everything Luke said was him. He tells Jessica that she chose wrong and always has. When Jessica tries to jump at Kilgrave, Luke grabs her leg and she tells him that he can push Kilgrave out. He says that he can’t and they fight, and Kilgrave runs off. Jessica finally knocks Luke out and goes after Kilgrave,

Luke recovers and goes after Jessica.

Jessica hides in a room and prepares to hit the person who comes through. Luke walks by and her cell phone rings with a cal from Trish. Luke comes back and slams through the wall, pulling Jessica through. She tells him to fight Kilgrave’s control, insisting that he doesn’t want to hurt her. Luke hesitates and then tries to punch her repeatedly. Jessica finally slams him through a wall, stunning him, and goes after Kilgrave. When she runs outside, two police officers arrive in the alleyway and order her to surrender.

As Jessica tells them to surrender, Luke easily knocks the two men out and advances on Jessica. She uses the police car door as a shield and Luke tries to punch through it. He finally yanks it away and she grabs the officers’ shotgun. Luke prepares to beat her to death, and Jessica begs him to stop as she points the barrel at his head. He tells her to do what she has to do and Jessica pulls the trigger. Sobbing, Jessica goes to him and begs him to forgive her.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 6, 2015

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