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Eh-laganza Eh-xtravaganza Recap

This weeks guest host was Elisha Cuthbert. 

The mini-challenge this week is a Blizzard Photoshoot with a high speed fan and snow blowing in the queens' faces. Kyne wins the mini-challenge and receives a $1,000 of latex couture from Polymorphe & gets to assign the "O, Canada" boxes to the other queens. 

The main challenge is a Canuck Couture Fantasy: Create a high-fashion look using materials from the "O, Canada" boxes. After the runway looks, the queens are separated between safe, top 3 and bottom 3. Tynomi Banks, Priyanka, Scarlett BoBo, Anastarzia Anaquway, Ilona Verley and Kiara were safe, and the rest of the queens stayed on stage. After hearing the judges critiques, the top and bottom 3 queens untuck in the back before being brought back to the main stage. 

Kyne, Lemon and Juice Boxx are in the bottom 3, Rita Baga, BOA and Jimbo are in the top 3. Kyne, BOA and Jimbo are deemed safe, Rita Baga is crowned the winner of the first ever Canada's Drag Race main challenge, receiving a $5,000 shopping spree from Roots. Juice Boxx and Lemon are placed in the bottom two, and have to lip sync for their lives to the song "I Really Like You" by Carly Rae Jepson, resulting in Juice Boxx being eliminated. 

Juice Boxx's farewell message to the other queens was: "Hey cunts. Season 1!!! I love you all so much. Don't let the comp get to you. We are ALL! sickening. lots of love sisters. xoxo Juice Boxx". 

Written by Nivekolsen on Jul 14, 2020

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