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Scream Queens Recap

This weeks guest judges were Lena Headey and Linda Blair. 

The mini-challenge this week was to create a beach themed lip sync in pairs. Milk and Adore Delano won the mini-challenge and were the team captains for the main challenge, choosing their team members one by one.

The main challenge was to star in horror film trailers for "Drag Race Me to Hell". Team Milk won the challenge, and were all safe from elimination. After the runway, the queens untuck in the back before being brought back to the main stage. Darienne Lake was crowned the winner of the main challenge, receiving a 5-night stay at Island House Key West Resort. April Carrión and Vivacious were placed in the bottom two, and had to lip sync for their lives to the song "Shake It Up" by Selena Gomez, resulting in Vivacious  being eliminated. 

Vivacious' farewell message to the other queens was: "Girls you will be missed. Take the world by storm, educate the masses. Get it, rearrange it, internalize it. Turn it. - Vivacious".

Written by Nivekolsen on Jul 15, 2020

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