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Fix Your Kicks on Route 66: Route 66, AZ Recap

Anthony gets in a RV and heads out on Route 66 to help three ailing hotels. First he goes to the Luxury Inn in Flagstaff, Arizona. It's rated 50 out of 65for hotels in Flagstaff, and the first comment advises guests to go somewhere else. Anthony goes to the lobby and discovers that it's very small. One of the owners, Rojer Patel, is there and explains that he works the front desk and lives in the former lobby. Rojer says that he's there seven days a week, 16 hours a day, and Anthony tells him that a manager should never live in the hotel he manages because he'll never leave.

Back at the front desk, Anthony confirms that the hotel doesn't have a computer system, and Rojer admits that they have no website. Anthony warns Rojer that he has to have a website to bring in guests, and Rojer tells him that they can't afford a computer. Anthony then checks out a room and discovers that the decorations are generic and don't reflect the Route 66 The bedspread has holes in it, and the pillowcases have black stains on them.

Before going to work, Anthony has to check out the other two hotels. He drives his RV to the Red Garter Inn in Williams. The hotel's web site is text only, but Anthony is impressed by the exterior. The building was formerly a bordello, a pool hall, and an opium den, and is a historic building. Anthony meets with the owner, John, who shows Anthony around and explains how the rooms were laid out when the hotel was a bordello. Anthony admits that John has managed to keep the building's original but at the same time keep the rooms clean and fresh. John explains that he wanted somewhere that people would come to see him, and Anthony warns John that his website doesn't sell the hotel. He promises to figure something out for the hotel.

Next, Anthony goes to the Canyon Motel & RV Park in Williams. They have 21 rooms, two guest suites in authentic rail cars, and 47 full-service RV spaces. Anthony pulls up to the lobby and goes in with arriving guests Larry and Chandra. The front desk agent, Dede, checks them in and gives them slips for their RV. Anthony wonders how long it takes to check in, and Dede explains that on a busy day they can have four RVs lined up waiting to check in. Anthony realizes that he has to streamline the check-in process so gusts don’t waste time outside.

That night, Anthony parks his RV in a spot and sleeps in it. The next morning, Anthony comes out to take in the view, and then checks out the property. There's a historic fire truck, and the rail car guest suites. Anthony discovers a children's swing set with untreated swing chains, which leave marks on Anthony's hands.

Next, Anthony meets with Kevin and Shirley Young, the owners. They're working there 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, and Kevin's doctor told him to slow down after he had a heart attack. The Youngs bought the property from the city when they were going to demolish it, and Anthony points out the problems that he's found. Kevin confirms that the motel doesn't have a website that can take bookings, and Anthony says that he has a designer who will put up better equipment.

On the way back to the Luxury Inn, Anthony stops at Oatman, AZ. The town has been kept just like it was in the 1840s, and wild burros descended from the originals walk down the streets. Anthony talks to some visitors, who say that they enjoy the vintage Americana on display.

When Anthony returns to the Luxury Inn, he finds Rojer and his sister Artie doing laundry with Rojer's fiancée. Rojer explains that his parents owned the hotel and then were divorced, and Rojer's mother inherited the hotel. He and Artie have been trying to keep it going ever since as a tribute to her and so that she could retire, and Anthony points out that they're so busy doing laundry because they don't have enough money to replace it. However, they can't get the old sheets entirely clean so they have to turn the stains down. Anthony warns that the guests still see the stains, and says that he wants to rebrand the hotel and coordinate with Route 66.

Anthony next calls in designer Danielle Colding to remodel the lobby. He shows Danielle the room he inspected earlier and Danielle agrees that it's generic. He then tells her that she'll be doing two other hotels as well. They go to the Canyon Motel and Anthony shows her the swing set. Danielle warns him that she's an interior designer, and Anthony tells her that they'll have to stretch themselves as he walks off.

On the third day, Danielle and B3 Construction start working on the two hotels. Anthony goes to Oakman and buys a snow cap at a historic diner, Delgadillo's. Back at the Red Garter Inn, Anthony checks out the first-floor bakery and talks to the owner, Anna. She brings out the head baker, Debra, and offers Anthony a pecan sticky bun. He eats it and compliments her, and says that he has an idea so that the hotel can connect with Route 55. Anthony asks Debra to make the world's greatest apple pie and she says that she can do it.

On the last day, Danielle and her team are remodeling the Luxury Inn. Traveling between hotels, Anthony stops off at Grand Canyon Caverns and admires the life-dinosaurs and miniature golf course. He then goes to the Red Garter and presents John and his team with a new website. Anna and Debra bring out the deep-dish apple pie, which has edible gold flakes baked into the crust. Anthony explains that he's had his personal PR person work up a marketing campaign. John will charge $66 for a piece of the pie, and then give a press release about how the money will go to the upkeep and restoration of Route 66. Everyone tastes the pie and agree that it's the world's greatest, and Anthony thanks John for bringing him there.

At the Luxury Inn, Anthony shows the Patels their new lobby. It appears larger thanks to Danielle's white paint job, and Anthony informs the owners that he's renamed the place the Mountain View Inn. There's a new sign outside, and a new computer system has been donated to handle online bookings and registration. They then check the new room, which has modern furnishings and paintings of the Old West. American Hotel Registration has donated new bedding, and Anthony tells the Patels that they now have everything they need to succeed.

Finally, Anthony returns to the Canyon Motel and tells the owners that they have a new website with a booking system that will let guests book their RV spots in advance. He also provides a tablet so that they can take it out to the guests, have them sign in, and then go directly to their spot. Anthony then shows the owners the new playground equipment, with horse-shaped swings.

Anthony takes the owners to the parking lot and tells them to stay there while he gets their final surprise. He then drives back in a miniature train and explains that True American Classics has donated the $42,000 train. Anthony assures them that it will bring in more guests so that they can raise their rates, and then drives them and some of the children guests around the property.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 14, 2015

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