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The Organ Trail Recap

At the hospital, Dr. Brainerd removes the bandages from a patient, Fibonucci, to check his hair transplant. Fibonucci is happy with the work, but complains about a pain in his side. Brainerd confirms that he’s recently had a kidney confirmed even though he doesn’t know about it, and advises the patient to report an organ theft to the police just in case.

Angie is in bed and dreams of her last few minutes with Jay before the bomb vest blew up. She remembers her first partner, Pepper, running off, and then Pepper calling to her to come to the other side as she walks down a hospital hallway. Angie wakes up screaming and discovers that Jay and little Angie are there. Jay explains that he’s her husband and they moved in together after she got out of the hospital. He brings little Angie to Angie, and she discovers that she has metal hooks for hands... and wakes up from her nightmare to discover that she has hooks. She wakes up from her nightmare to realize that she has a metal hook for a left hand. She wakes up from her nightmare and confirms that she has both of her hands, but she has hooks for feet. She wakes up from her nightmare as her phone rings, and they call her to the station.

At the station, Pritkin tells Jay and Angie to go to the hospital to investigate organ thefts. He wants them to solve the case before Perry opens the new cancer wing to appease his voters after his campaign manager Terrier turned out to be a murderer. The department has assigned a romance novelist, Jackie Wilder, to assist them because of the specific nature of the case. Jackie comes in with Danny, who she’s fallen in love with. She immediately realizes that Jay and Angie are in love, although they deny it. She knows all about Jay and Pritkin’s histories.

At the hospital, Monica is examining Fibonucci when Jay, Angie, and Jackie arrive. She cuts open Fibonucci to determine the nature of the removal, and figures that the person who did it had medical treatment. Jackie says that it’s a crime of passion and figures that it’s hard for Angie to be back in a hospital. They meet with the chief administrator, who says that they’re an honest facility. The officers demand a list of doctors and nurses. Once they’re alone, Jay wonders if Angie is tired and she admits that she hasn’t been sleeping well. Nurse Lowboobs comes over to greet her former patient and she says that another man that Jay came to see Angie while she was in a coma. Lowboobs describes someone who sounds like Eddie, and Angie wonders if what she imagined was a dream.

Brainerd is operating when Jay and Angie question him about Fibonucci. Angie shows him a photo of the missing kidney and points out that it went missing during one of his surgeries. Brainerd says that he was booted out of surgical rotation because of his phobia of internal organs.

At the station, the detectives admit to Pritkin that they’re nowhere on the investigation. Jay suggests that they check to see who is buying the kidneys, and Jackie suggests the black market. As they go, Monica asks Jackie to sign a cop of her book. Jackie takes off Monica’s glasses and undoes her hairs, and leaves a message in her book. Once she leaves, Monica reads the message: it says that little Angie baby wasn’t born out of a Canadian love tryst.

Danny takes Jackie to the black market and they see Nurse Barton selling organs from the hospital. They take her in and Jay and Angie question her. They play good cop/bad cop and Barton says that she removed the kidney. Jackie figures that Barton is lying, pointing out that she doesn’t have the expertise to remove a kidney. The writer says that Barton is protecting the person who did the surgery because she loves him and will leave his wife for her. Jackie warns her that they never leave, but Barton doesn’t crack.

The trio tells Pritkin what they learned, but Pritkin doesn’t care as long as Barton confessed. Angie reluctantly agrees with Jackie, and says that they have to draw the organ legger out by having Jay do surgery on her. Jay points out that Angie has a fear of comas and offers to be the patient, but Angie figures that she needs to put her fear behind her by going under.

Later at the hospital, Jay assures Jackie that she’ll be okay and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Stein, put her under. He begins the operation but Monica calls him outside. She asks who little Angie’s mother is, and Jay says that it doesn’t matter. Monica has found the birth record and walks away. Jay goes back to the operating room and discovers that the assistant, Dr. Stein, is gone after removing Angie’s kidney. He tells the unconscious Angie that he broke things off with Monica and turns to find Barton there. She realizes that Stein will never leave his wife for her, and confesses everything. Jay runs after Stein, catches him, and punches him unconscious.

Angie is wandering through a hospital hallway and hears Pepper telling her to come to the other side. She finds herself back in her old hospital room, and remembers Eddie tapping her on the nose. Jay wakes her up and says that he put her kidney back, and congratulates her on overcoming her fear of comas. He then tells her that he and Monica broke up, and Angie says that she has to find some things out first. She refuses to tell him what. Danny comes in and says that Jackie’s new book based on them just came out.

Later, Angie watches as Perry cuts the ribbon at the new cancer center. She then gets the visitors log from when she was in the coma, and discovers that Pepper’s name is on it.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 16, 2016

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