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Schedule for Aug 17

20:00 Lifetime V.C. Andrews' Casteel Family
Gates of Paradise
20:00 ID Primal Instinct
The Imposter
20:00 TLC Say Yes to the Dress
Randy Will Show You the Do...
20:00 MeTV Svengoolie
Village of the DAmned
20:00 MTV Ridiculousness
VMA Moments
20:00 Nick JoJo Siwa: My World
JoJo's Follow Your D....
20:30 MTV Wild 'N Out
Dinah Jane - VMA
21:00 DIY The Vanilla Ice Project
Backyard TLC
21:00 Discovery Family Cake Boss
Glass Cake and 100th Birth...
21:00 Food Restaurant: Impossible
Dull Diner Dilemma
21:00 Animal Planet The Zoo: San Diego
Yeti and the Cubs
21:00 Nat Geo WILD The Incredible Dr. Pol
More Than a Feline
21:00 A&E Live PD
21:00 MTV Wild 'N Out
2 Chainz - VMA
21:00 CNN CNN Special Report
Woodstock at 50
21:30 MTV Wild 'N Out
The WMA's: Wildest Mo...
22:00 PPV UFC PPV Events
UFC 241: Cormier vs. Mioci...
22:00 Food Restaurant: Impossible
Revisited: Learning Leader...
22:00 FOX News The Greg Gutfeld Show
August 17, 2019
22:00 VH1 Hip Hop Squares
Ella Mai vs. Mustard
22:00 Animal Planet The Vet Life
Cat vs. Robot
23:00 Animal Planet Hanging with the Hendersons
Picture Perfect
23:00 HGTV Mountain Mamas
Wisconsin to Montana
23:00 HGTV Boise Boys
The Vinyl House
23:30 HGTV Mountain Mamas
Surprise Option in Bozeman...
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