Schedule for Jul 30

20:00 Spike Cops
British Invasion
20:00 Nick The Thundermans
Robin Hood: Prince of Phee...
20:00 Animal Planet Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet
High on the Hog
20:30 Nick Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
New Kid on the Block
21:00 Travel Ghost Adventures
Stardust Ranch
21:00 fyi, Tiny House Nation
300 Sq. Ft. Poker Night Ho...
21:00 OWN Flex & Shanice
What Happens In Vegas…
21:00 Spike Jail
Episode 3
21:00 Nick Legendary Dudas
King Sam/karate Kids
21:00 REELZ Murder Made Me Famous
Steven Avery
21:00 Nat Geo WILD The Incredible Dr. Pol
Flip ‘n Stitch
22:00 CBS Rush Hour
Knock, Knock...House Creep...
22:00 ABC Boston EMS
Episode 1
22:00 Food Guilty Pleasures
Sweet and Savory Confessio...
22:00 Comedy Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle
Episode 3
22:00 PPV UFC PPV Events
UFC 201: Lawler vs. Woodle...
22:00 AMC The American West
The Last Vendetta
22:00 ID How (Not) to Kill Your Husband
Boiling Point
22:00 REELZ CopyCat Killers
22:00 Centric Being
Bernnadette Stanis
22:00 FOX News The Greg Gutfeld Show
Episode 27
22:30 fyi, My Floating Home
Mega House Boat
00:00 POP Big Brother After Dark
Day 39
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