Episode 6

Held by the SS, Lili leads Moog and Multon to the hideout where she met with her father. Thankfully, it is empty. Lili suddenly makes a dash for the window, breaks through the glass and leaps into the river Saône, making her getaway. She has overcome her fear of heights.

Meanwhile, in the town of Issoudun, Jeannot and his crew of Resistance fighters rob a bank. Jeannot decides to return to Paris, to visit his parents, whom he hasn't seen in three years.

In Lyon, Lili hides out at Velin's place, but the police are combing the city in search of her. Velin forges papers for her, so she can get back to Paris. In the Paris-bound train, Lili is overcome with emotion when she runs into Jeannot.

Meanwhile, Fabien and his comrades escape from the Romainville fortress, where they were being held prisoner.

Back in Paris, Lili heads for the Fer à Cheval bistro, but finds the place boarded up. Mrs. Elek is in mourning. Her son Tommy has been executed. His is one of the names on the infamous February 1944 Red Poster. Upset, Lili joins Cristina in the room they shared before the war. They meet with Fabien, now posing as a priest. He tells them he is leaving, to join the Resistance movement in the Doubs region. Lili then visits Mrs. Kirchen, who is devastated by the deaths of her husband and her son Bernard, and by the deportation to Germany of her son André. She holds Lili responsible for André's fate, as she was the one who led him to join the Resistance movement, after which no one could stop him. Increasingly distressed, Lili heads to Paulette's, where she spends the whole night writing a letter to André… who receives it in his German prison cell.

Jeannot joins the Free Combat Groups, the main Paris Resistance unit under the leadership of Ravanel and Morlot. They are planning the upcoming escape of a Resistance leader, who is being held captive by the Germans. Jeannot tries to convince Lili to take part in the operation, but she refuses. Unlike most people her age, it's been four years since she's had the chance to go to the movies, walk hand in hand with a boy or get enough to eat. She wants to give up the fight. But she finally gives in – this will be her last operation. Jeannot reveals that the prisoner is The Bigwig, her father. Next day, the breakout fails. Thankfully, no one is killed or captured. But Lili is now determined to break her father out of prison.

Meanwhile, at the print shop in Lyon, Maryka and Velin proudly examine the latest issue of Combat. But the militia shows up. Velin and Maryka try to get away, but are soon caught. Velin kills himself, while Maryka is shot point-blank by a militiaman.

June 6, 1944. D-Day. In Paris, Lili heads to Mrs. Kirchen's to tell her the good news, but doesn't find her. The concierge coldly tells her that Mrs. Kirchen was rounded up and sent to Auschwitz. On June 28, 1944, Jeannot, Morlot and three other men enter the Ministry of Information and try to capture Philippe Henriot, the Vichy Government's State Secretary of Information and Propaganda. He resists and is killed on the spot. The Resistance fighters manage to flee. Another day, the Free Combat fighters succeed in rescuing Lili's father. He and his daughter have an emotional reunion. He goes to hide out the countryside until the end of the war, and orders Lili to stop the fight and wait for the Americans, who will soon reach Paris. A few days later, Lili and Jeannot are at the movies when French police members of the Special Brigade arrest them. In an office at police headquarters, Lili confidently defies POLICE CHIEF DAVID, head of the Special Brigades. Jeannot's full name is revealed for the first time: it is Jean Frydman.

Three months later, in Bobigny, Jeannot is thrown into a train full of people headed for Buchenwald. There, he finds Lili who, like him, has been horribly tortured. That night, in the middle of nowhere, they manage to escape.

Next morning, GIs find Lili and Jeannot, asleep by a bale of hay.

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