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The first 8 of 14 houseguests were introduced last night and they entered the house for the very 1st time. The 1st "HoH" (Head of Household competition) titled "Flying Tomatoes" was contested last night and the winner was James. Julie Chen announced the return of the "BoB" (Battle of the Block competition) and also spoke about 3 new twists that will come into play this year. Julie explained to the audience in the studio and the home viewing audience that one of the twists that would come into play called the "Twin Twist" was once again returning this season. Julie explained that in the "Twin Twist", one pair of identical twins would switch places off and on as they take turns playing the game. If they continue to fool all of the houseguests for the first 5 weeks both of them would then be allowed to play the game at the same time. One of the houseguests whose name is Audrey Middleton revealed in the house to the other 6 houseguests and to the world that she was transgender thus becoming the very 1st transgender contestant in U.S. Big Brother history. One contestant in the House named "Vanessa Rousso" identified herself in a private conversation that she was one of the top 5 all-time money winning women in poker history.

On tonight's 2nd part of BB 17 premiere 6 more houseguests will be revealed and they will then enter the house. They will also have there own "HoH" competition so that there will be 2 "HoH's in the house by the end of tonight's episode. The 2 "HoH's" will be required to each nominate 2 houseguests for eviction and then those 4 houseguests would compete as teams of 2 in the 1st "BoB" of the season. The winning team of 2 would not only remove themselves from the block but they would also be safe for 1 week from eviction and the "HoH" that nominated them would be removed and only 1 "HoH" would remain.

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