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Oğuz calls Tarik and Tarik gets on the trail of the kidnappers. Azize faints with pain in her belly. So they wait. Kiliç is there watching them. Tarik follows the guys. Somewhere he is held up. They kidnappers change cars and the ones with Ali go outside the city and leave the child with a nasty woman.

Tarik follows the guy with the van. He sees him go in. He tells Oğuz. Oğuz tells him not to make a move without him. He sends Azize home with Ejder and goes to Tarik himself. Azize gets out of the car midway and runs back.

The old man is trying to present himself to Elmas as a prospective son-in-law. Elmas locks Zeliha in the room and tells Canan she has to go and get Tarik. Canan cannot find Tarik and even when she calls him, he is caught up with the chase and cannot answer. Elmas is mad that Tarik does not answer.

Koray takes Selin to stay with Salim to be safe from Peker.

When Oğuz arrives and they want to move in on the guy, Azize arrives with a cab and makes a raucous so the guy runs off but not before Tarik gets a few clues from him. Azize blames poor Oğuz.

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Episode Discussion

kankarofi posted a month ago

Bad ending, what is the solution of all this problems?

WendyLeon posted 4 months ago

Y cual es el final?DIOS, llevo buscando el final de esta novela un buen tiempo,que paso con omer y zehra?

JulietAmos posted 8 months ago

Is this the end

AngelaAustin posted a year ago

Azize is not very smart to put it nicely

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