Yanks in the U.K. (1)

Brennan and Booth travel from D.C. to London for Brennan to guest-lecture at Oxford University and for Booth to speak at Scotland Yard. They are asked by local officials to lend their expertise to a high-profile murder investigation involving a young British heiress and are paired up with their respective British counterparts, Dr. Ian Wexler and Inspector Cate Pritchard. The duos venture through London to investigate the puzzling murder of the young and glamorous heiress, whose father is a wealthy American businessman. Meanwhile, back in D.C., the Jeffersonian team lends its expertise to the Brits' case, but they are thrown for a loop by the unexpected return of Angela's long-estranged husband who must consent to a divorce before she can marry Hodgins. When a member of the U.K.'s own investigative team is murdered, Brennan and Booth's personal connection to the case strengthens their resolve to help solve the mystery surrounding the death as they search for the London killer.