Primeape Goes Bananas

Ash calls Professor Oak to tell him of his victory at the Saffron Gym. Much to his dismay, Professor Oak tells him that the other trainers from Pallet all have five badges and are well ahead of him, including how many pokemon they have. This angers Ash, and they decide to eat lunch before heading to Celadon City. While eating, a wild Mankey comes neat them. Brock gives it a rice ball to eat, and Ash decides to capture it. Ironically, Ash ends up capturing the rice ball instead of Mankey. This angers Mankey, and he begins to chase them. Soon they encounter Team Rocket who, after kicking it, angers it, causing it to evolve into Primeape. Primeape then disposes of Team Rocket and attacks Ash, chasing him. Now Ash needs to somehow stop Primeape from catching him.

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