Steve Borden

Steven James Borden better known as ‘Sting' or 'The Stinger' was trained for the squared circle by the great professional wrestler ‘Red Bastien' who was born Rolland Bastein but some sources indicate he was really trained by Bill Anderson. Steve made his professional wrestling debut in November 1985 in a small independent wrestling organization in California as ‘Flash Borden' as the 4th member of a former bodybuilding group managed by ‘Red Bastien' and ‘Rick Bassman' calling themselves "Power Team USA" also known as "Power Team 2000". The other members of the group were Jim Hellwig (Brian James Hellwig) better known as "Warrior", "The Warrior" and "The Ultimate Warrior" and legally changing his name in 1993 to "Warrior" in order to retain the legal rights to use the name outside of the WWF, Mark Miller & Garland Donoho. Steve & Jim mostly wrestled together in tag-team matches and Garland and Mark were used very little and quickly faded from the scene. The group eventually disbanded but Steve and Jim remained partners and moved to the newly formed UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation) based out of Oklahoma and owned by promoter and former professional wrestler ‘Cowboy' Bill Watts and Jim Ross. Jim had previously been a referee for the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Conference and then a commentator for college football. Ross next became a ring announcer and interviewer for professional wrestling. In 1979 Watts bought TSW (Tri-State Wrestling) from former professional wrestler Leroy McGuirk and renamed it MSW (Mid South Wrestling). He then withdrew from the main branch of the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance). In 1985 he began airing matches on Saturday nights on the Ted Turner owned Superstation TBS out of Atlanta, Georgia. Ted had been upset with the owner of the then WWF, Vincent K. McMahon Jr. for promising Ted he would run studio-produced programs but instead presented 2-hours of highlights from other WWF programming. MSW quickly became the highest-rated program on TBS, and Watts positioned himself to take over the two-hour Saturday night block occupied by the WWF. In the meantime former Georgia promoter Jim Barnett made a secret deal that allowed NWA promoter Jim Crockett Jr. to buy the slot from McMahon instead and become the exclusive wrestling promotion for TBS. MSW was then dropped from TBS programming so Watts renamed his organization the UWF in March 1986.

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