Jiraiya and Kakashi Recap

A young Jiraiya calls a young Orochimaru to spy on bathing women. Uninterested, Orochimaru leaves. Jiraiya is caught by an elderly woman, who douses him in hot water. As teenagers, Jiraiya tries convincing Orochimaru into a plan for him to hit on Tsunade, having Orochimaru pretend to attack her, so Jiraiya can rescue her, which fails. During the Second Shinobi World War, the three discuss their dreams by a fire. Tsunade wants to travel the world and gamble everywhere, Jiraiya wants to travel beside her, to her annoyance, and Orochimaru initially claims to have no dream, but admits he wants to master ninjutsu and get stronger. The three are attacked by Kirigakure shinobi, and retaliate.

A young Kakashi prepares fish and performs house chores. At the Academy, Kakashi spars with Hiruzen, while Rin and Obito discuss him. When he is done, they ask if he practises frequently, but he denies it, saying he just reads a few books. After classes, Obito follows Kakashi, and watches him practising fishing. As he prepares fish at home, Kakashi tells Obito and Rin to come out and join him to eat. They enjoy the food, and Kakashi downplays himself again. The next day, Kakashi does chores again, and is thanked by Obito for the food when they meet on the street. At the Academy, Guy tries fighting him, and is impressed by Kakashi. The next day, Kakashi visits his father's grave at the cemetery, tells him about his friends. At the Academy, Guy challenges Kakashi again, and lasts longer. Obito and Rin cheer on Kakashi.

Written by JuanArango on Dec 2, 2016