SPOILERS: '13 Reasons Why' Review

13-reasons-why_0.jpg13 Reasons Why is a show that clearly illustrates the Netflix problem. It’s a great show, created by Brian Yorkey, based off the book written by Jay Asher, but it’s long and slow and meanders halfway throughout it. Much like Daredevil season 1 and 2 and Jessica Jones. I’m going to assume the same thing occurred in Luke Cage and Iron Fist, even though I haven’t watched them and I won’t. It’s this Netflix issue that’s keeping me from being excited about The Defenders, because I know, that show will be 13 hours long and it doesn’t need to be.

There is a bright spot here in the Netflix formula and that’s Stranger Things and Netflix needs to replicate this with other shows. Strangers told a solid story with a great cast and it was only 8 episodes. Netflix created the art of the binge but they are breaking it with these 13 hour long shows and they are going to lose it if they continue in this way.Big Little Lies, a show which finished and I will also discuss, was 7 excellent episodes. It’s also a min-series, at least it was advertised as such, there is a chance that they want to bring it back for season 2, which they should NOT do.

But let me bring this back, 13 Reasons Why tells the story of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) who committed suicide and recorded tapes and sent these tapes to those she felt were responsible. It’s a different take on storytelling and Langford along with Dylan Minette, who plays Clay Jensen, Christian Navarro, who plays Tony, Miles Heizer, who plays Alex and was much better on this then in Parenthood, Brandon Flynn, who plays Justin, and Michele Selene Ang, who plays Courtney, were excellent on the show. The show really allowed this cast to shine and it gets props for casting one that is diverse in both races, ethnicities, and sexual identities. Minnette and Langford deserve a shout out for their performances here as they portrayed teens experiencing all the emotions from all over the spectrum in an exceptional way. But that wasn’t enough for me, because I felt like I had to force myself to finish this show and often times it was grueling. There was an episode involving a rock climb that occurred out of nowhere, there are moments when Clay, for no apparent reason it seems just stops listening to the tapes, and there were moments where I was wondering why somebody didn’t just steal these tapes. This was reminiscent of the Purple Man in Jessica Jones, who he and Jessica appeared to be playing a game of cat and mouse for no other reason than to make the show longer. And this happened in 13 Reasons Why as well. And don’t think I’m stupid, I get the idea that there should be 13 episodes, 1 for each tape, BUT, from what I can recall, there are episodes where he listens to more than one tape. So, we really didn’t need it to be this long. I also want to discuss the ending but I don’t want to spoil anything so before I do, if you’re interested in this subject matter, then check it out, but be warned, it can really drag on.


The ending was utter garbage, in my opinion. I liked the idea that all the characters had no idea that they were essentially doing to Tyler, played by Devin Druid, but I did not like that we are going to get another season. I have absolutely zero interest in watching the second season, especially if they try to do it in a similar formula to that of the first, a la Damages, a show that beat their storytelling formula to death until the show became unwatchable. I would have liked it had all the knots been tied up, or not. An inkling as to what happened with Bryce, played by Justin Prentice, would have been great and if we saw Tyler bring the guns to school, the show itself would have felt more cohesive. Dark, but cohesive nonetheless. Instead, that’s going to be held over until the second season and we are going to watch a legal drama involving Bryce, I assume? I’m not here for it, especially, if the show is 13 hours long again. I just won’t be able to sit through it.

So, did you check out 13 Reasons Why? And if so, comment below to let me know!

Written by cwm on Apr 17, 2017


JuanArango posted a year ago

I think there should not be a second season, all is said and done.

MekkiDimassi posted a year ago

Is that show worth the watch ?

cwm posted a year ago

Fair enough. I take it you're in for the second season as well? Assuming they make one?

JuanArango posted a year ago

This time I have to disagree with you completely, I think this was an amazing show and such an emotional ride, I watched all episodes within 3 days.
The acting, the pace, the uniqueness of the story, and at the end everything fell perfectly in place. But opinions are different, that's what makes the world interesting :)

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