The Increasing Commercialization of New Girl

The Increasing Commercialization of New Girl Image #16588New Girl, for those who don't know, is hilarious. It tells the story of Jess, Zooey Deschanel, as she comes to terms with who she is and who she is living with. Her roommates consist of Nick Miller, Jake Johnson, a man who is equal parts hilarious and misinformed, who would vote for Reagan in a second even though everything Reagan says would probably go against a number of Nick's beliefs, Schmidt, Max Greenfield, whose facade of a rick jock is broken just about every episode, Winston, Lamorne Morris, whose character just continues to become weirder and weirder, and most recently, Coach, Damon Wayans Jr., who has an intense fear of boats and often wants nothing to do with his family around the holidays, he has a ton of sisters. Jessica's friend also becomes a part of this picture, Cece, Hannah Simone, as she attempts to break the stereotype that models aren't smart or funny. This cast of characters encounter a number of unusual scenarios that makes this show hilarious and original.

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Also, for any individuals who scoffed at the commercials for this show, Zooey Deschanel plays one character and honestly a lot of the humor of this show comes from the other three male characters. For some reason FOX loves advertising its female lead shows by showing clips in which the female lead appears to be the only character, much like The Mindy Project. New Girl is hilarious and the cast appears to have a good handle on their characters, no idea where Winston's character is heading, and it is the combination of all of these characters that makes the show funny. So if you think it's a show that focuses mainly on Zooey Deschanel's quirkiness, it doesn't get that out of your head. This show does do something quite interesting, however.

Increasingly, Ford Fusion has been featured more and more prominently within the show. It was fairly subtle at first, a product placement here and shot of the logo there, but in the most recent episode, the roominess of the car is complimented on and key features are discussed. In fact, one minor but reoccurring character actually gets into the car and compliments on the space and leaves the car. It appears that his only purpose in the scene was to comment on the space within the Ford Fusion.

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This concerns me. A lot. If this becomes a prominent advertising technique, I fear for television. Suddenly, shows will start having to incorporate products into their jokes? Will there be comments about the cleaniness of the water from a Brita filter or how great I feel after taking Hydroxycut? Will kids start quoting shows like, "Oh that scene with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD with all of the features, including skype and Bing, were hilarious".

Granted, I'm exaggerating. But this still does concern me. Advertising in itself concerns me and the increased presence of it scare me. On subways, cars are suddenly being covered with ads. Maybe in the near future, people will become inundated when the sidewalks are suddenly covered in ads because the city decided to make some money selling sidewalk space. There's too many ads already, I feel, and by this weird sudden immersion into New Girl, I've become even more concerned. The show, from my understanding, is doing quite well, so why does Ford Fusion look like it owns it?

I also think that it can only get worse from here and Ford Fusion may become a reoccurring yet sassy character within the show. I hope it doesn't get any worse, but I fear that it may.

Written by cwm on Dec 19, 2014


ElianBez posted 2 years ago

Everyone wants money, and sometimes product placement is better than no show at all.

zoebug98 posted 2 years ago

New Girl is cute and funny to watch.

I have also noticed the product placement in this show, but it happens in most shows now. Companies know that many people watch TV shows without commercials, so they pay to put the products in the actual shows instead.

ohnogrl posted 3 years ago

I completely agree with everything. The product placement in this show has gotten absolutely ridiculous. It all started when Schmidt was fighting for the apt. parking spot in his Ford Flex...At that time, I was thinking, "well this is blatantly obvious." Now, its just comical...and not in the good way. I also agree with what you previously said, about the male characters being the heart of the show. Is Schmidt not the absolute best ever? Personally, I dont like Jess' character, but I don't watch it for her, I watch it for the boys and their antics. haha Great article!

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