Franz Faber

Franz Faber is tormented by the death of his young son, Ulli. He and his wife Sabine made a choice together to secretly mercy-kill their son, to spare him from what Nazism had in store. The burden of this act is what tears this couple apart. Faber is pulled between his duty as a high-ranking Nazi officer and his relationship with Sabine, who is unaware of the darkest sides of the Nazi regime. Faber's superiors task him with increasingly brutal assignments, while at home, unbeknownst to him, Sabine is gradually being infiltrated by Aurora. As Faber rises through the ranks, he struggles to hold onto his humanity and begins to question his own identity: Who is he? What is he fighting for? Franz Faber – always composed, always in control – slowly but surely begins to crack.


X Company
Main cast, played by Torben Liebrecht
Guest cast, played by Torben Liebrecht