Constable Henry Higgins

Henry Higgins is a young constable who always tries to be good at his job, but sometimes falls short, never on purpose. Growing up, Henry's parents owned a piano shop, and although he never enjoyed playing, he loved all of the parts. Higgins is always considered number two when something is required by Detective Murdoch, the first choice being George Crabtree. If Crabtree is occupied, Higgins is always the next choice. Every so often, we hear that Henry has a hard time with his love life due to people believing he isn't the decent sort for a woman. He also has an amusing friendship with George, and although they irritate one another from time to time, they're always there for each other. Henry means well, but sometimes the message comes across wrong, but those who can see past his flaws can see he has a true heart of gold.


Murdoch Mysteries
Guest cast, played by Lachlan Murdoch