Harley Carter

Charismatic, smart, and a little bit spoiled by fame and fortune, Harley can charm his way through any situation. Raised by his housekeepers after his mother's disappearance, Harley has worked hard to not let this tragedy affect his happy and generous personality or his relationships. Blessed with a near perfect memory, he is a natural detective but has to work hard to prove it. Harley has a deep love and loyalty to his best friends, Sam Shaw and Dave Leigh, and reconnecting with these two is a huge part of Harley's plan to get himself back to who he used to be.

Harley is torn between his growing love for his new role as Consulting Detective to the Bishop PD and going back to the fame and fortune of Hollywood. Even though his show is where he's just playing a version of who he thinks he really is. It's complicated. Looming over this decision is the mystery of his mother's disappearance that resurfaces towards the end of the season. This is Harley's ongoing struggle as he tries to reconcile his life in Bishop with his life in Los Angeles.