The New Columbia | Lost | Benjamin Netanyahu

The New Columbia - Power of advertising proven in Colombian campaign that helped bring rebels out of the jungle after 52 years of civil war. Given the chance to sell peace, rather than a breakfast cereal or a bottle of spirits, a Colombian ad executive stepped up with ideas that persuaded rebels to lay down arms and eventually end a 50-year civil war. Lara Logan talks to that ad man in her report about a transformation in Colombia that could not have been achieved without ending the country's long civil war.

Lost - Man who inspired the film "Lion," talks about the mental map that enabled him to track down the mother he lost when he was 5 years old. The incredible lost-and-found story of Saroo Brierley has inspired the new Hollywood film "Lion" -- a movie critics are saying has Oscar potential. But the real events are just as thrilling as the drama on screen. Brierley says he was separated from his birth mother when he was five years old and locked on a train that took him 1,000 miles across India to Calcutta. Once there, he says he survived by himself on the city's chaotic streets for weeks until he wound up in an orphanage and was adopted by an Australian couple. For the first time on American television, Brierley explains how he found his way back to his Indian village using Google Earth and a mental map of home.

Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells 60 Minutes Israel has never been in a better place; part of his optimism relates to the election of Trump.

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