Dolphin Quest

When Mitch and Cody have rescued a little girl, it all turns out to be just another training exercise for some kids. While doing this, they are observed by Alex's nephew Timmy, who is mildly autistic and doesn't speak. Timmy loves dolphins and his mom Valerie is taking him to Hawaii where he can visit Dolphin Quest, an organization specializing in providing young children the opportunity to swim with dolphins. When Valerie arrives to the beach and tells Alex that she can't get away from work, Mitch convinces Alex to take Timmy. Cody joins them to participate in an outrigger race. At the Dolphin Lagoon, Alex and Cody want Timmy to swim with the dolphins but he is afraid of the water. When Cody and Alex turn their back on him, he suddenly disappears. They find him with an artist named Wyland who also happens to like dolphins. Later, Cody meets Kali McKenzie, who tells him the outrigger race has been postponed due to a storm. Now Cody does not have any plans so Kali decides to give him a guided tour around the islands. When a boy falls off a cliff and ends up in a cave, Cody and Kali must work together to save him. When they return to the beach, Alex goes to help them out and forgets about Timmy for a couple of seconds.

Timmy sees a girl knocked out cold by a windsurfer. He is able to bring her to shore and perform CPR before Cody and Alex arrive. Before they leave Hawaii, Timmy receives a painting from Wyland and also gets the opportunity to see a pregnant dolphin giving birth. Before Cody leaves, he says goodbye to Kali; although attracted to each other, they decide to put their feelings aside. When they return to Los Angeles again, Timmy shows the painting Wyland gave him to his mother. Timmy utters the word "Mama" to her as he touches the painting and then his mother's heart.

Episode Discussion

JayBansal1994 posted 7 months ago

Great episode as it was the only one to date to have an autistic child in the cast

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