Drop Zone

While Mitch and Newmie are walking down the beach, Mitch tells Newmie about a confrontation he has had with a gang. He tells Newmie that he talked them out of returning. Then suddenly Mitch's tower explodes. That is a warning from the gang. Meanwhile, April meets two tourists from Salt Lake City on the beach. They are named Sherri and Vic. Sherri wants to paint while Vic goes for a swim. When the swells are getting bad, April warns Vic but he assures her he is a good swimmer. A while later however, Vic gets swept under by the growing waves. April tries to rescue Vic but the waves are too big. When April resurfaces, Vic is nowhere to be seen. Many lifeguards arrive to the beach to search for Vic, but they are not able to find him anywhere. Mitch feels sorry for Sherri and promises her to continue the search the next morning. Mitch decides to escort Sherri to her hotel where she tells him that she is pregnant. Later at headquarters when April tries to comfort Sherri, she confronts April and blames her for Vic's death. When Vic's body finally is recovered, Sherri knows for sure he is dead.

When Jessie and Alex walk by a group of convicts working on a chain gang, Jessie keeps staring at one of them named Deke. When Jessie and Alex have walked away, Deke's partner Garcia fakes a stomach-ache. When the security guard approaches Garcia, Deke knocks him down and the two convicts are able to escape. Deke decides to hide himself in Jessie's tower. It turns out that Deke is her ex-boyfriend and now he wants Jessie to follow him to Mexico. She makes him believe that is what she wants as well. But it all turns out to be a trap because Jessie has alerted the Coast Guard. Deke tries to escape by climbing up a cliff followed by Newmie. When Deke almost falls down, he is rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter and returned to prison. Jessie tells Mitch and Alex about her life with Deke. They let her stay in rookie school.

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