Water Dance

When Mitch and Cody are out paddling on their surfboards, they see a beautiful violin-player on a yacht. She plays really good and Cody falls in love with her immediately. Suddenly a woman comes out on the deck and forces her to quit. Later on, the violin-player named Ariana tries to escape from the yacht. Later Mitch and Cody decide to return to the yacht. It´s illegal to spend the night out at sea. When they come onboard the yacht, they meet the owner of the boat, Lena Svenson. When they meet Ariana, she invites them to her recital the next day in Malibu. Wealthy industrialist Miles Clayton hosts the recital. Miles and Lena are planning on smuggling a valuable etching of a famous painting inside Ariana´s violin bow. But after the concert, Ariana runs away with the violin bow without knowing what´s in it. Cody and Mitch are surprised to find her in a lifeguard tower later on. She tells them that after her parents´ death, Lena became her guardian. Ariana believes that Lena is working for Clayton. She is tired of her restrictive life and just wants to be a normal person. Cody takes her for a walk down in Venice where he buys her one of his famous hot dogs. Then they see her bodyguards Troy and Erik, who start chasing them. Cody and Ariana run to the tower and try to figure out why they were being chased. It doesn´t take long before they find the etching in the violin bow. They find it just before Troy and Erik enter the tower with their guns. Troy and Erik tie up Mitch and Cody in the tower and takes Ariana with them in the zodiac. When they are left alone in the tower, Mitch knocks over the first aid kit and grabs the scissors to cut them free. They start chasing the zodiac with the help of the wind jet. Alex helps them to locate the zodiac from the air in her new lifeguard invention Air Sea - an airplane that can both fly and work as a boat. When they have located the boat, Mitch and Cody start chasing them on wave runners instead. Mitch and Cody splash water into the zodiac. Eventually, Troy and Erik have to give up after a fight between the four of them.

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