Liquid Visions

Dawn rescues a man, underwater for over 20 minutes, and tries to learn his magical secret. The doctors said his body "shunted", something Dawn knows a bit about from before. Meanwhile, Jessie, Kekoa and Allie spend a girls' night out after spending the day shopping - all because they feel that they all need to cheer up. Kekoa can not seem to find the right guy, Allie is missing Nick (who died in S10E11, "Bent"), and Jessie needs a day off. None of them would expect that it all ends up with a rescue off the side of a cruise ship while they're all in their underwear. Later on, Sean shows interest in the secret of the man who survived 20 minutes underwater, and Dawn decides to show him a special emerger technique she learned in India, giving them a weird underwater experience Sean finds quite frightening. In a rescue at the end of the episode, Dawn gets trapped underwater, and tries to make her own body shunt. After several minutes underwater, Sean is able to get her out and make her heart going again after performing CPR.

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