Boiling Point

Jason, J.D., Kekoa and Zack are sent to Kauai to go on a trip with Britt, the daughter of one of Baywatch's sponsors. In the meantime, Sean and Brian make a rescue of Matt, a boy all new to windsurfing. Afterwards, the brand new computer system at HQ breaks down. Sean was supposed to show this system to the sponsor coming over that day, so he's pretty stressed out. Matt shows up later on and offers his help to fix the computers, and he's able to do so right before the sponsor shows up. In Kauai, J.D. and Kekoa are bickering about a watch J.D. got from Jessie. They decide to stand by at the low-land to sort out their problems while Jason and Zack leads Britt away. They're both arguing for Britt's attention.

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