Episode 1

The four heirs have made peace with the past and each other. After Thomas' death, Emil is bringing up Melody at Grønnegaard, where his niece Hannah also lives with her group of artists. Signe lives with boyfriend Aksel most of the time, her ecological farming is doing well, and she is developing business ideas. Gro has created an exhibition space for young, progressive artists in the Art Hall, where she and Hannah intend to challenge the established art world. Frederik has been living in the USA, building a successful and lucrative career, and is now ready to make peace with Solveig. But his family has evolved, and is he really ready for what's waiting for him when he comes home?

Episode Discussion

Jinxy1961 posted a year ago

I found all of season 3 synopsis at the site http://nordicdrama.com

Not sure if this is considered a official site for here or not. I'll leave that to you guys to determine.

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