Episode 2

It's the second episode, and four days in, the celebrities' irritability is rising as the effects of their new diet kick in. Also rising is Gemma's weight, a perplexing mystery.

Comedian and novice cook Joe is in unfamiliar territory in the kitchen, and he also faces another challenging situation.

Also, as the famous faces learn to appreciate the natural animal and dairy fats on the farm, Alison and Stavros make cheese and butter from scratch, and a disgusted Ann discovers what really goes into the low fat spreads she eats every day.

Out in the chicken sheds, Gemma continues her quest to find a farmer husband.

Meanwhile, as Peter returns to the farm following his medical drama, Alison suffers a dizzy spell and is referred to hospital for a full diabetes test.

Also in episode two, Joe does some ‘trout whispering' while out fishing, temperatures rise between Gemma and Stavros Flatley, and when two of the famous farmhands are caught having a midnight feast the chickens really come home to roost!

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