The Sino-Mexican Revelation

While the Middleman investigates a diamond theft, Wendy goes to the airport to pick up Sensei Ping, her soon-to-be martial arts trainer. But when Mexican wrestlers kidnap the martial arts master and abduct the Middleman, Wendy must make her way to Yucatan to save them.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Jan 3, 2016

Wendy is at her sublet wondering when she’s going to get paid, but she doesn’t get paid until she gets trained, and she doesn’t get trained until her trainer arrives from China. Lacey is working as a waitress at a pirate-themed sports bar, The Booty Chest, to supplement her student loans. Wendy tries to get to work but her car breaks down and a man, Tyler, strolls by and is impressed by her car. He introduces himself as a musician and gets the car to work, and he’s able to identify what type of…

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