Escape from Tomorrow

Two Earth astronauts find themselves thrown through a time warp to Earth... over 500 years in the future where apes now rule the planet and humans are considered little more than dumb animals.


By Gadfly on Dec 20, 2016

An old man, Farrow, is dozing when he hears a dog barking. Its young master, a chimpanzee Arno, runs up as the dog trees Farrow. The chimpanzee dismisses the dog's prey as a human. Suddenly a vast win strikes up and something crashes down nearby. Arno and Farrow go over separately to investigate, and find a spaceship in the middle of the field. The ape runs off to get help, and Farrow approaches the spaceship. He finds a glowing button and presses it, and a hatch opens it. Inside Farrow finds th…

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