The Mistress of All Agonies

Gao tries to convince Danny and the others to let her go, while Colleen slowly succumbs to illness. Meanwhile, Ward discovers that Harold isn't as dead as he thought, and Joy learns the truth about the family secret.


By Gadfly on Apr 11, 2017

At the park pond, Harold emerges from the water and realizes that he's alive. He stands up and pulls the knife out of his side, and then crawls to shore and smiles. Back in the States, Danny takes Gao to the dojo. Gao wonders why they should be enemies, and Danny says that he's not turning Gao into the police until he finds out what he wants to know. He asks about Wendell and the Hand, and Gao says that he has more pressing concerns. When she refuses to talk, Danny throws a punch at her face…

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GSwarthout posted a year ago

Worst episode so far.

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