The Wheatsheaf Horror

Among the world's psychics, who claim to possess extra-sensory abilities, there are those who say that they can step back in time, and see events of the past unfolding in front of them. When Suzanna Hadwin visits the Wheatsheaf Pub in North England, she experiences, first-hand, a mystery that has been buried for decades.

The new owners know that there is something strange about the pub – unexplainable handprints and barely audible footsteps pique their curiosity. Steeling their nerve, they use a Ouija board to contact with spirits embroiled in an unsolved murder mystery. Digging into the past, they find evidence in census records, graveyards and old photos, and behind the walls of the pub: bits of clothing, hair, and bone.

Eventually, the psychic comes face to face with a long-dead killer, and the pub itself begins to attack those within.

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