Welcome to Hell

Mark Corvo returns to his Childhood home, a large Colonial just outside Hartford, Ct. To earn extra income, he decides to rent the extra rooms to tenants. Soon, tenants report unusual things happening around the house; doors slamming and unexplained footsteps, but Mark rationalizes the mysterious sounds as living in a 100 year old house. Mark notices a change in one of his favorite tenants- Ashley. Ashley seems dark and depressed and begins hanging out with mysterious guests. A few weeks later, Ashley has a mental breakdown, claiming the house has been overtaken by evil spirits and leaves the home. Soon, Mark discovers that Ashley and her mysterious friends have been practicing the dark arts and finds a ceremonial alter in his attack. Mark reaches out to the Ghosts of New England Research Society for professional help. During their investigation, G.O.N.E.R.S captures evidence of several different spirits in the home. They believe Ashley's dabbling in the dark arts opened a portal to the other side and drew spirits to the location. They also believe Mark is an Empath and believe that is why he's been experiencing so much activity. The team gives Mark guidance on how to deal and understand his gift. Mark tries to focus on the positive in his home and not engage with the spirits. While doing repair work on his roof, Marks senses a dark presence behind him. He challenges the entity and is knocked off the roof-he is nearly killed. After recovering from his accident, Mark returns home with a renewed sense of hope. Although Mark will always have a connection with the spiritual world, he knows what will keep the activity at bay.

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