The Way of the Gun

The team splits up: Diana and Ichabod try to recover the Totem of War before Malcolm obtains it, while Jenny, Jake, and Alex try to track down Malcolm's. However, a mysterious woman who seems to know all the team's secrets interferes, trying to destroy the Totem before anyone else can get it.


By Gadfly on Mar 18, 2017

Diana and Ichabod attend a elementary school performance of Valley Forge featuring Molly. Ichabod cheers loudly at Washington's speech, drawing stares from the parents. He then complains about the stiff choreography and goes back to applauding loudly. Afterward, Molly asks if they liked the play. Ichabod assures her that she's a natural actor, and Diana cuts him off when he starts complaining about her dancing. Molly's friend Kendra comes over and Molly asks if she can go to a sleepover with Ken…

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