Smart Kids

Four children, who seem to be very smart for their age, escape from the orphanage and they take over the city by appearing on TV and controlling everything. Back in the orphanage, a scientist named Dr. Carlton (Michael Cavanaugh) is looking for them. Lois and Clark try to find out where the kids are and why they are so smart. When one of them, Amy (Courtney Peldon), goes back to orphanage to get her sister, she is captured and Lois becomes her temporary foster parent. Amy tells Lois about a portion that Dr. Carlton was giving them to make them smart but if you stop using it, you become dump again. In the meantime, the rest of the kids find out that Clark is Superman but Clark manages to fool them that he is not. Later it is revealed that Lex works with Carlton but when the two of them disagree, Lex gives Carlton the new portion that, instead of making you smarter, it burns your brain. Lois and Clark convince Amy that her friends are in danger and she leads them to their hideout. They manage to convince all the kids that being a normal kid is the right way to live their childhood while becoming adult and they all return to the orphanage where they are safe again.

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