The Defenders

The heroes assault Midland to rescue Danny and stop the Hand... but one of them will fall.


By Gadfly on Aug 26, 2017

Luke tells Daredevil that he doesn't want any part of destroying Midland. Colleen and Daredevil both warn that the Hand will keep coming after them. Luke still refuses, but Claire points out that the Hand keeps coming back and kill. Jessica agree with the others and says that she just wants to get it over with. Luke insists that no one but the fingers get hurt, and the others agree. Elektra looks at the dragon skeleton, and Gao and her men come in. Gao explains that the dragons once roamed he…

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Episode Discussion

GSwarthout posted a year ago

The CW crossovers are so much more fun than this. Epic fail.

munksy posted a year ago

Great finish to the series, Amazing shows on there own but epic when brought together.

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