Episode 5

Charles is concerned his father and the Hudson's might attempt a take over bid for Frere Holdings. Laura warns Ken to keep personal matters out of business. Meanwhile he is suspicious when numerous Leisurecruise shares are purchased by a mystery buyer. Leo's jealousy reaches boiling point when Polly attempts to reconcile Abby and Orin. Charles suggests Tom is delaying designs for Relton because of his feelings for Avril. James is livid when Jan wants to use some of his old designs. Tom warns Laura against Charles and he is offended by her criticism of Avril. Over dinner with Vanessa, Jack confesses his concerns about Avril and Charles; he believes Charles still loves her and cannot understand why he is treating her so badly. Later, Jack tells Avril he feels guilty because he's attracted to Vanessa. Polly tries to manipulate Gerald into taking a job with Edward and, when he refuses, he suggests that if she wants to leave, he won't stop her. Laura tries to get information about Frere Holdings from Gerald. Avril talks with Tom after seeing Vanessa with a mystery man. Unbeknown to her, Jack overhears the conversation. Leo demands that Abby make a final decision about their future.

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