Episode 10

Vanessa apologises to Avril for her brother's behaviour. When news of the fraud hits the press, Avril is implicated; it seems Charles may be behind the leak. Avril is convinced it is to blacken her name and have her removed from the Relton board. Admiral Redfern is announced as the new bank chairman and he is happy to support Jan's business. Vanessa sells her shares in Relton to repay her brother's debts but it is feared that Charles may have purchased them, giving him the majority share. When it emerges Ken bought them, he looks to Charles to buy them off him, providing he can have a role in the Poelma Corporation should Charles' takeover bid be successful. Lynne and Charles become closer, so too do Jan and Robert. Jack is surpised to learn he has a son. Ken has a shock for Avril, Charles, Laura and Gerald when the new chairman of the Poelma Corporation is revealed.

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