Rabbit in a Snowstorm

Murdock and Foggy take on a mysterious wealthy client, but Murdock is convinced that there's more to the case than just the facts.

Guest Cast


By Gadfly on Sep 14, 2015

Mob boss Prohaszka is bowling, while behind him a man named John Healy comes in. John notices Prohaszka bowling and the shoe girl says that the man worked it out with the owner. The newcomer comes over and asks if he can join him for a game. Prohaszka tells his men to take John away, and John disposes of both thugs and then draws a gun on the mobster.36 Hours EarlierJohn picks up a gun from Turk, who assures him that it’s top of the line and won’t jam.NowWhen he pulls the trigger, John’s gun jam…

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