Jesse spots the actor who played God in an infomercial and tracks him down. Meanwhile, Tulip meets with Viktor.



By Gadfly on Jul 11, 2017

At the laundromat, Viktor's man Nick calls in to say that they have Tulip. He asks for her gun, and Tulip takes it out of her belt and hands it over. They take her to their SUVs and drive off. The next day, Jesse arrives at Denis' place and Cassidy lets him in. Denis ignores them, and Jesse says that his first night looking for God was interesting. He explains that he helped a woman, and asks where tulip is. Cassidy says that she went out and doesn't know where she is. Jesse says that it's pr…

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RubyNyu posted 9 months ago

Hitler Hell!!

Aidan posted 9 months ago

Well then, Hitler seems nice.

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