Twice Upon a Time

The Twelfth Doctor refuses to regenerate... and finds himself at the South Pole, confronting his first incarnation as he also refuses to regenerate. Together they confront a British Captain displaced from World War I and the mysterious Testimony.



By Gadfly on Dec 26, 2017

Previously on Doctor Who... 709 Episodes Ago After confronting the Cybermen, the exhausted Doctor tells Ben and Polly that he must get back to the TARDIS. Staggering back through the snow, the Doctor vows that he won't regenerate. He hears calling, and goes to find the Twelfth Doctor kneeling in the snow outside of his TARDIS. When he says that he's the Doctor, the First Doctor says that he is the Doctor. Twelfth realizes where he is and it's where he regenerated for the very first time. He r…

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