Week 9: Bali

Romantic adventures await Chris and the final three bachelorettes - Becca, Kaitlyn and Whitney - as they travel to beautiful Bali. From traditional Balinese rituals to a long languid boat ride across the Indian Ocean to a visit to a Balinese medicine man, the dates are filled with passion and excitement as Chris continues to explore what his future might be like with each of these potential mates. At the end of the evening, Chris will present each bachelorette with an invitation to spend an intimate night together in the "fantasy suite," with the hope that she will accept. But will she? When will Becca reveal her secret to Chris and will that make a difference in whether she consents to a trip to the "fantasy suite?" Chris is left with a very difficult decision, and he must weigh his priorities before choosing the final two women and sending the other rejected bachelorette home in tears.

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