This time, Dan Snow, Anita Rani and Ade Adepitan are in Moscow revealing the hidden systems and armies of people that help run the biggest and busiest city in Europe.

Capital of Russia, this is a city of 13 million people that likes to play by its own rules. It is also a place of contradictions - where the most efficient metro system in the world meets the worst traffic jams on the planet. Anita goes bumper to bumper in this city of epic commutes, while Ade discovers how Muscovites escape the stresses of city life with a trip to a dacha - there is vodka, a Russian sauna known as a banya, a thrashing with birch leaves and... more vodka. And, in this city forged by power and politics, Dan gets privileged access to one of Moscow's most closely guarded secrets - going behind the closed doors of the Kremlin, before heading underground to see one of the biggest metro expansion projects in the world. Moscow is crowded, it is imposing and it radiates military might. How does this city of nearly 13 million people reconcile a communist past with their capitalist present?

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