Something Inhuman This Way Comes

When Karnak helps Jen against Reno, she's badly wounded. The Inhuman has no choice but to turn and fight despite his lack of powers. Meanwhile, Gorgon searches for his cousin, and Auran takes Evan and Sammy hostage to force Black Bolt to return to them.


By Gadfly on Oct 21, 2017

Karnak wakes up next to Jen and strokes her face. She wakes up and Karnak admits that most people he sleeps with leave before he wakes up. He analyzes the post-intercourse endorphins and figures that it's more, and tells Jen that he wants to be with her. Outside, Reno slaps at mosquitos and loads his revolver. he then aims it at Jen's tent. As Jen and Karnak get dressed, Karnak wonders if he's hungry. They leave the tent and Reno shoots at them. Karnak analyzes the path of the bullet and d…

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garlic posted a year ago

Jeeez. It would be nice not to strain to hear the speaking under the incessant background music. This show also gets worse every week.

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