Cabin in the Woods & Bigfoot Encounter

In the series premiere, while traveling for a friend's wedding, James and Weste begrudgingly accept an offer to stay in an abandoned cabin in the woods.

Eric is stalked by an unknown creature.

Episode Discussion

WaspCorp posted 2 years ago

This new show's a total winner lol It succeeds in being even more unconvincing than Ghost Adventures. Between the first story with those two drunk morons getting scared over nothing and the so-called Bigfoot encounter where a supposedly experienced hiker manages to set his tent over an anthill, keeps his food with him in the tent and only brings a pocket knife. Mutant deer ?! lmfao Gimme a break ! Best moment's when the guy starts barking like a dog to scare him off lmfaooo Wondering how he can keep a straight face telling this kind of bs...

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