Whistle Stop

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ChrisAmon posted a year ago

Did you notice that the former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William B. Keene appeared from Divorce Court as a Television Judge and he Co-Starred as guest on L.A. Law, Judge Herman Keene? Ann Kelsey went to court to release Arnie Becker and bail be set at $100,000 for the murder of Carmilla Greer and she ask the court ordered the District Attorney's office to disqualify Ms. Fox as prosecutor in the case. She was recently involved in the romantic relationship with Ann Kelsey's client Arnie Becker that ended badly. Belinda Fox's relationship Arnie Becker was inconsequential and have no bearing on the case. These charges were bought against the defendant because he was seen leaving the scene of the murder by two investigators for the District Attorney's office, his fingerprints were found throughout the victim's house and on the victim's body. Ann Kelsey's says, "And who was it that assigned the investigation to follow him in the first place?" Belinda Fox did. Judge Keene ask, "For what reason?" Mr. Becker was a subject of an ongoing investigation for obstructing justice. Arnie Becker protesting. That is a total sham! That woman Belinda Fox is out to get Arnie Becker! That is the only reason that he's there in the courtroom! Judge Keene says to Ms. Kelsey, "Please advise your client. These outbursts are in no way helping his case." Ann Kelsey says, "I'm sure he understands that, Your Honor." Judge Keene says all right. As to this motion for disqualification. he want supporting papers filed by both sides. Judge Herman Keene will take matter under advisement . As to the issue of bail, Judge Keene did not believe that Arnie Becker represent a flight risks, and therefore he's gonna set bail on this matter. Due to the seriousness of the crime, Judge Herman Keene gonna order bail be set in the sum of $500,000. All right. Judge Keene says, "Let's call the next case, please."

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