Episode 3

The first patient of the day is Darren, who comes to the clinic with his partner Lisa to find a treatment for his snoring problem. Darren's condition might sound straightforward, but it's having a serious impact on his relationship. Darren and Lisa have been together for five years, but they don't live in the same house and rarely sleep in the same bed because of his issue. It's got to the point where the couple are beginning to question their relationship and are thinking about going their separate ways. Next through the doors are Kirsty and her boyfriend Nathan. Kirsty suffers from trichotillomania, a condition that compels her to pull her hair out. Nathan is supportive, but the condition is leaving Kristy feeling extremely low and she also suffers from anxiety as a result. Dr Christian is on hand to help and refers Kirsty to a psychiatrist, in a bid to find out if there is an underlying issue behind her disorder. John comes to the clinic on his own, because his problem is stopping him from finding a partner. John has a relatively rare condition that sees his tongue turn black from time to time. His confidence has taken a knock and he is no longer going on dates. Can Dr Christian find out what's causing this embarrassing ailment and get back on the dating scene? Last through the doors are Steve and Elen. Steve has been suffering from headaches for 14 years caused by a large muscle spasm in his neck. He's been with Elen for two years, but he's refusing to buy a house and start a family with her until his medical problems are behind him. He's tried everything and sees his consultation with Dr Christian as his last chance.

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